Chapter Three: The Gunshot

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"What the hell was that?" I asked with a look of panic in my eyes. Zach was far from the word panic, he looked calm. "Oh, its nothing to be worried about madam," Zach nod his head, "its normal." He said in a joking manner.

"You think its normal? That's far from normal!" I rolled my eyes and pushed him aside and went inside the room towards the door. "Madam you can't--" I stopped in front of the bed and looked at the painting above it. A gasp escaped my mouth, i felt my color draining away as i stared at it with a mouth wide open in disbelief.

It was a portrait of Leo standing up while i sat down in a wooden chair, his hand was clinging on my shoulder. Then, there was me. I held a baby on my hands, its face hiding behind the cloth that was wrapped around her fragile body. I felt sick to my guts.

Zach went inside and stood beside me and looked at the portrait too. He chuckle and gave me a bright smile, "You must be surprised madam. The boss painted it." He gave me a closed eyed smile as he turned his head to look at me.

I turned to look at him, "A-and who is that boss?" I asked stuttering. "Don't be silly madam! Of course its your husband. He has pure talent, you're very lucky!" He laughed, i stepped back and put my hand to cover my mouth. I felt like puking. Zach turned to look back at the painting to admire Leo's work, "You two have a lovely child, what's he--"

"We don't have a child!" I screamed, making him close his mouth. "This is disgusting! He's deranged!" I continued on, my hatred had overpowered me as i stormed towards the door and slam it opened. Zach held my wrist and began to pull me back, "Madam you can't--" i pushed him away and went outside.

There was a dark oak railing and a beautiful golden chandelier above the ceiling. I looked down and saw Leo, pointing a gun at a woman. She has beautiful wavy raven hair, bangs like a dolls and a fair porcelain skin like a doll. Her skin was crystal clear, there was no flaws insight.

She was tall and slender, she has the body of a model. Her eyes were a dark-grayish blue, she had long and perfectly curled eyelashes that was thick. Her lips was plummed and was colored with a beautiful shade of red that has the color of blood.

Her nails was painted with dark red. She wore a grayish silk dress and a white collar around her neck. She was beautiful, she looked like a living doll. Leo was pointing his gun at her, but she showed no emotions. She has her left arm straight and her right arm resting on her left arm she has her right arm to touch her smooth, porcelain cheeks.

Leo and the doll-like girl looked up at me. Leo's expression turned soft as he put down his gun immediately. I ran down stairs and looked at them. The girl looked at me up and down and straight into my eyes, "Who is she Leo?" She asked. Her voice had a german accent.

Leo went towards me and wrapped his arm around my waist as if nothing ever happened. "She's my wife." Leo answered back. She went towards me, her black high heels clicking on the marble stone.

She narrowed her gaze and pierce her eyes through me. She leaned forward to take a good look at me and i stepped back. "Aren't you a pretty bird?" Her red lips curved into a small smile, but her vibe didn't seem approachable.

She stepped back and leaned away from me. She held out her right hand for me to shake her long and slender hand. I just stared down at her hand. She abruptly cleared her throat and i immediately took her delicate hand and shook it as i gave her a smile. She let go of my hand and redraw back to rest her elbow at her left hand.

"My name is Franzeska Zujevulent, and you are?" She raised a brow, "My name is (y/n) Ainsley, its nice meeting you." My smile widen. "Pleasure," She nod her head and turned to Leo and crossed her arms. "Its nice seeing you again, Leo. Abschied." She turned and took her leave while waving her hand goodbye as she sway her hip side to side and returned to her black limo that was waiting in front of the huge doors.

There i saw a a girl with brown short hair, skin that was not porcelain nor tanned, she had a neutral skin color. She has emerald green eyes and wore a white t-shirt and a gray blazer that was buttoned at the lower part. The girl wore gray pants and black ankle strap heels. She has her name tag attached to her blazer at her left, her name was Vien Takahashi. She glanced back at me and narrowed her eyes as she assisted Franzeska inside the limo. Like Franzeska, she didn't seem approachable.

When she left, Leo turned to look at me. "(Y/n), what are you doing down here?" He sigh, "You didn't think that i could hear the gunshot." I rolled my eyes. "But you were guarded." He narrowed his gaze, "And he didn't do a good job at it." I glared at him, he smirked.

"You're being quite feisty. Let's see how feisty you can be down in the basement," His tone became suddenly sadistic, making me tremble as a chill ran down my spine.

"Zach," Leo said his name as i heard footsteps coming behind me. "Take her to her room. This time, lock her inside." Leo demanded, Zach's eyes widen and opened his mouth. Leo raised his hand up and glared at him like daggers stabbing Zach.

"Yes boss." He looked away and began to lead me back to my room. I glance at Leo and glared at him, he only smiled as he put his hand to his lips qnd kissed it and blew it towards me, making me feel irritated just like he intended to do.

I turned away and Zach took me back inside my room. I heard him sigh. I made my way to the bed and sat down at the soft silky bedsheets. "Sorry madam, but i need to follow him. But i don't get why he's doing this to you." He frowned, he was feeling sympathy for me.

I looked up at him and went towards him. "Your boss is a killer. He's deranged, lovesick and deadly. I married a devil!" I gritted my teeth, "You have to help me get out of here Zach. Please!" Zach stepped back and looked away from me, "I...i can't do that, i'm sorry madam,"

He turned and went out of the room and held onto the door knob. He looked back at me "Sorry madam." He slammed the door close and i ran towards it and held the doorknob and began to twist it open and pulling it.

"Zach get me out of here! You don't have to listen to that asshole!" I screamed and slammed my hand at the door, trying to get his attention. But he didn't listen, i didn't know if he was still there or not.

I stepped back and screamed at the door, irritated of my sorroundings and everything else. I turned to the french doors where the balcony was, i began to pull the doorknob open but it was locked shut.

But at the corner of the railings, i could see men in black clothing with shades on. They were tough and buff looking, they must be bodyguards sorrounding the area. All this because of what? Me? I stepped back and saw a desk that had a gray lampshade and a succulent plant at a vase.

I searched inside the drawers for anything that i could picklock with but instead, i found a leather book.

𝙈𝙄𝙉𝙀 (𝙔𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙚!𝙃𝙪𝙨𝙗𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙭 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧) (𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙎𝙚𝙦𝙪𝙚𝙡) Where stories live. Discover now