Yes Prince Loki, No Prince Loki, Are you sure Prince Loki?

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The next morning both women woke up on a better start to the morning, Lokis tea was still warm for Megan and she was feeling much better because of it. She found the stack of books as well and had taken a great liking into reading them and made a mental note to thank the prince when she found the opportunity too such as this morning. 

Of course, she was still unhappy with him but she wasn't about to be disrespectful about having a gift from him. Although Rosie had insisted she stay in bed Megan was determined to be productive today and be the perfect maid she was supposed to be. Rosie helped Megan into her corset as she did the same feeling the tight constriction of the lace being tied still made her uneasy.

A few joints still ached slightly but she pushed through the pain and was ready to serve as a maid should. That and she could not be sick forever and would need to tend to her duties again at some point sooner rather than later. Rosie had been set the task to groom the horses from the Prince and Megan picked up her speed to the prince's chambers. She knocked lightly and the door swung open catching her off guard for a moment she blinked a couple of times before lowering her fist where it had previously frozen in place where the door once was. She looked up at Loki and he looked down at her "Prince Loki?" she asked and he snapped out of whatever thoughts he was previously in. AKA ones about being concerned about whether she should be out of bed and working for him right now.

he cleared his throat "yes come in" he said firmly and stood aside as she carefully made her way in. The tension in the air made everything uncomfortably awkward for the two but Megan broke the silence "thank you for the tea and the books, they are greatly appreciated"  she said with a small smile tending to his ruffled bedsheets. Lokis brow raised a bit in shock, her tone was not as dismissive as it had been and she genuinely appreciated his efforts which he was glad to hear. "it is quite alright, how do you fare?" he asked and she fluffed a pillow "much better now" she said and placed the pillow back onto his bed. 

He nodded in understanding then bit his tongue wondering if he should ask this "how did you inherit your magic?" he blurted out and she stiffened momentarily while looking away from his emerald eyes. "my aunt" she said softly and he smiled slightly now he had gotten an answer "are you able to promise me something Prince Loki? for it holds great importance to me" She suddenly said and he was a bit taken aback. She had just admitted to trusting him with a secret and he was very interested in what it was.

"Please, do not speak of my magic to others, for I fear the all-father will not be so understanding, it was never for any to know" she said quietly fiddling wither her hands in front of the dress nervously. He smirked when he realized what the secret was and he was of course more than willing to comply "only if you disobey" he said teasingly and she looked up surprised. A deep chuckle rumbled in his chest "I'm joking Megan I would not think of doing such things" he said and she visibly relaxed knowing it was safe with him and she cracked a smile.

"Although magic is nothing to be afraid of, I will teach you if you allow for me to" he said taking a step toward her. "Oh i could not accept Prince Loki it is forbidden-" she was cut off "I won't tell anyone if you don't" he said with a smirk and she looked up to meet his eyes and a small smile made its way onto her features. "thank you my prince that would be delightful" She said gratefully sincerely happy to know someone was to protect her secret and help her with it.

The truth is, Loki was perplexed at the small maid that helped to clean after him and tend to his needs, her magic truly intrigued him and he was eager to know more about her. Ever since the night, he had seen her wings he had not been able to get the scene out of his mind. It was as if he could still feel the velvety feathers beneath his fingertips when she so graciously allowed him to. 

Later on, after fetching his breakfast he finished it off and requested she follow him toward the library, thankfully no one else occupied the space. Loki loved to read of course he had stacks of books splayed out across the shelves and desks from his previous time. Megan followed silently behind her head low to show respect to anyone passing by for she was still a maid. Then it hit her again

She is a maid, this should not be permitted. But she couldn't stop the feeling that made her heart pump that beat faster when Lokis wonderous gaze met hers in his chambers when he asked about her magic. She couldn't deny him the information for he looked so completely and utterly devoted to understanding it. Besides she was interested in what he was keen to teach her about.

Upon approaching the end of the grand hallway Loki pushed open the two oak doors designed intricately to a large library two layers filled with shelves of myths, legends, spells and more. The library held a distinct smell that linked back to him, she could only assume he spent so much of his time here. "what magic do you possess?" he suddenly asked his hands neatly tucked behind his back as he looked down a shelf of books seemingly looking over there titles. "Shifter magic and I have not tried any other spells or magic before, Prince Loki" she said softly following just behind him. He frowned at the shelf before saying "you may call me Loki" he said and she nodded "as you wish Loki" she said and he picked out a book from the shelf. 

He quickly glanced over the brown leather cover with intricate gold lettering reading 'shifters and the abilities they withhold ' Megan's eyes widened a fraction upon reading the cover. He knew this library very well it seemed.

before she could say anything he traveled over to a nearby bench and lay the book open on the okay platform skimming over the words "it says here you can be taught a variety of magic types, since your main capability is shifting, how well are you at controlling it?" he asked turning to face her. She bit her lip nervously "er- I'm not sure Pr- Loki" she stuttered "I suppose for a shifter myself I would be in the advanced category"  she spluttered out and Loki rose a brow "care to demonstrate?" he asked and she felt nervous but decided to comply for she knew he would be persistent.

But she nodded and went around the other side of the desk so only the wood platform separated the two "any desired animal?" she asked slightly teasing and he smirked "a snake" he said with a grin and she nodded. In an instant a golden glow encased her and before his eyes, a green-scaled snake slithered upon the wood and in front of him coiling and tilting its head up at him. 

His eyes widened a fraction at her skill and he smirked, "a feline" he said and with that another golden glow encased her and a small black cat with piercing mint eyes started up at him and mewed. He chuckled and thought for a moment, "robin" he said and a small red bird appeared on the desk cheeping softly. He chuckled lightly before thinking "one more... can you do larger animals?" he asked and the small robbin bobbed its head in a yes. "very well, can you do what midgaurdians call a tiger?" he asked and the small robin flew to the floor before the golden glow morphed into a large cat before him intimidatingly large.

 "very well, can you do what midgaurdians call a tiger?" he asked and the small robin flew to the floor before the golden glow morphed into a large cat before him intimidatingly large

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His eyes widened a fraction before he nodded and waved his hand while looking at his book signaling for her to shift back she did and straightened her uniform swaying slightly. "you are very skilled" he murmured more to himself and she felt her cheeks tint a light shade of red "thank you Loki" she said with a smile as he looked up at her mimicking it. 

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