Chapter 20

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Dinner that evening felt dragged on, with Benji's knee bouncing with excitement the entire time. His red ruby crown sat awkwardly on his head, his hands going up and fixing it often. The other two girls had on small tiaras, nothing too fancy since they were past the first impression stage. Camilla must have been resting in her room, Benji just assumed the cold got the best of her. He also couldn't deny how thick the room was of anticipation. Or maybe it was just Benji. Either way, excitement coursed through his veins, his attention running from topic to topic in his mind. 

"So, Benji, how about we do something tomorrow morning?" Nora called out across the two tables. "We could do anything, as long as we're together." Her lips curled up into a fine smile, staring Benji down with a look he couldn't quite place. He also didn't expect the girls to be asking him on dates, so it felt quite truly out of the blue.

"I- uh..." Benji sputtered. "That would be q-quite nice, Nora." She grinned with approval, going back to eating her food in silence. Fiona, who quite honestly felt left out, tried to insert herself in the conversation.

"A-And we could do something in the afternoon?" She questioned, fiddling with her strawberry blond hair. "Unless you're busy..." 

"Oh! No, I'm free, that sounds good!" 

Already he was dreading tomorrow. 

"But I've got to get going, I've got an... errand... I need to do." Benji stood up, eagerly excusing himself from dinner. "Ladies, I've actually got gifts from the palace for you, open them whenever you'd like." He grinned with a faker smile then he'd like them to believe, and handed Nora and Fiona two packages in white paper bags. 

As the brunette haired boy walked off, the two princesses gleamed at the wrist jewelry they received. 

Three down, one to go. 

Dinner ran late that day, and Benji was overjoyed to be relieved of that torture. The faster he got out of there, the faster he could see Jorge. It may sound stupid, but it was the only thing he looked forward to in his days. What would Benji do when he actually had to choose one of the girls? Even the thought just made him want to lie in a heap where nothing mattered. But Benji pressed on, he was soon to be King, after all. 

"Couldn't get enough of me?" A cocky Spanish accented voice called out to Benji who just stepped foot in the gardens. Jorge frowned when Benji didn't say anything. "Whats up?" 

"Oh! Sorry..." He said, snapping out of his daze. It was embarrassing. Benji's face went pink as he pulled the small bag out of his coat pocket. "I-I've got this for you." The curly-haired boy peaked into the paper, his eyes lighting up at the sight of the circular band. He slid it onto his wrist, fitting perfectly. Even the small bracelet made Benji love him even more.

"Now you might as well ask me to be your boyfriend," Jorge remarked, both sarcasm and seriosity lingering in his voice at the same time. 

"Jey, you know it's not that easy..." Benji droned on as if he'd recited these words a million times. The two boys were at a safe distance, but Jorge kept stepping closer, and Benji kept stepping back, as not to make it look like anything romantic. Just dudes being dudes. 

"Then what's going to happen? Am I just going to be left in the dust after your stupid game is over, Benji? What about me?" Emotion spilled out of his words, Benji could tell Jorge really cared a lot about what was happening. 

"Just- give me time. I promise I'm not going to just throw you to the side, Jey. I care about you. You know that. My father just won' me. I'll come up with something." He took Jorge's wrist that wore the bracelet, brought it up to his lips and kissed the back of his hand. Benji leaned into his ear and whispered quiet enough so only Jorge heard. 

"Meet me at ten in the library tower."

With those eight words, Jorge's face flushed red. 


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