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Senior photos are so weird and everyongle seemingly has different experiences with it.

I have friends who went down to the studio, took a couple poses and then left.

And then there's some people who just have 5 locations that they shoot at over the period of 2-3 days.

I just did my photoshoot today and it was a magical experience.

We hiked into the woods near this famous lake relatively nearby.

Then I got my hair and makeup professionally done.

I got to have 3 different outfits, casual sweatshirt look, casual floral dress look, and typically cap & gown.

Then my photographer legit just was like "pose with trees." So we spent hours in the forest with some lake background.

And the lighting with the dress look, paired with the fact I wasn't wearing shoes, legit made me look like a forest nymph.

It was definitely one of the weirdest parts of my life but also a really enjoyable one.

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