Part 23

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I yawn but stopped when I realized I was in a room, my room.

But then stopped breathing when I saw my father sitting on the couch, with his legs elegantly crossed, and sipping on tea while doing his work on his laptop.

Noticing me get up, he places his laptop on the small table.

"You're awake."

Um, duh? (Insert 'Bad guy' from Billie Eilish)

Pretending to be confused and shocked, I looked at my father who was now standing with his tea.

"How—when did Eve get picked up?" I asked him.

"Around 11:36 PM, you were picked up. You're back into the Vangelia Mansion. It's 8:20 AM and Jason is preparing your breakfast in bed."

My father included as I looked around the room like I suddenly found my own room, interesting.

"Is...Father going to work?" I asked him as I got out of bed. He raised his brows and looked at me and then looked away.

He took a sip of his tea.

"In 2 hours, I'll be going to work? Why? Are you interested in my work?" He suddenly asks and sips his tea, calmly. He turns around to face me.

Acting sudden at the question, I quickly shook my head, denying it.

"No. Eve is clumsy and will mess up the work~" I smiled at him and scratched my head, nervously.

Mr. Vangelia was confused. He was giving her a chance to be his heir and successor to his company. Why  does she not want to show her true self and act like a stupid daughter?? Why can she show it to  others but not him?

Wasn't she his daughter? Why would she reject his offer and say she is clumsy and will mess up the work?

I looked at father and see, he was quiet for some time.

He was very frustrated but his look on the outside showed his calmness and patience. Then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Her father's cold voice said, which made her frown.

The door opened and revealed, Jason.

"Hello, Master and Miss Eve. Master, I have prepared Miss Eve's dinner." Jason said and placed the delicious, rich breakfast in front of her.

I quickly go sit on the couch and stare at the food. I frown.

"Is father not going to eat?" I asks him.

"Master has already eaten, Miss Eve." Jason answered. I nodded before elegantly digging in.

Jason went out of the room and left the two of us in the room.

Mr. Vangelia looked at his daughter.

When did she change and how did she get cured? Who is the doctor? He was suspicious. He shook the thought of it. He shouldn't be suspicious of his daughter.

Even though she doesn't talk like herself yet, he will wait for her to show her real self behind the mask to him.

"Father?" Her sweet voice called out to him like an angel.

"What?" He asks her as he grabbed his laptop and continued his work.

"Today, Eve have an appointment with a friend and Eve was wonder if Eve could go?" Her cute voice asks him.

Appointment? A friend?

"Do you need bodyguards?" I said.

"No. Eve's friend likes to have privacy. Eve's friend doesn't like attention. Father, you will scare Eve's friend away!" She pouted, her bottom lip bulging out.

I sigh.

"Okay. But return home soon. If not, I'll send my bodyguards." I simply said.

She smiles brightly at me and walks over and kisses my cheek. My fingers stopped and my eyes widen at the sudden skin contact.

Noticing at what she did, she shouts a 'Sorry!!' and hurries to the door and slams it shut.

After a few seconds, I smile spreads on my face. I replayed the scene many times in my head and smiled even more.

Then I frown.

Why does it feel like I want more?

He shrugs it off and goes back to his laptop.


Just fatherly feelings towards his own daughter~!!! Thank you!
Bless y'all! Bless you!

I'm a bad guy....


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