The Reunion

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"Must you constantly break the law over and over again?!" Blake chided Sun as she bit her nails, watching over the scene of the White Fang stealing dust from a huge Schnee freighter. Why? Why would the White Fang do this? It didn't make sense. Or rather, Blake didn't want it to make sense. It hurt too much to make sense, especially once she saw the infamous criminal Roman Torchwick and his partner, Neopolitan, step out into limelight. The pink and brown haired girl twirled her parasol around as she lounged on one of the cases of dust. Roman began barking orders out to the White Fang members as he repeatedly got more and more annoyed.

"Can't you animals do anything right?" Roman grunted as he rubbed his head. "Just take the damn boxes to the Bullheads. It's like a what, 20, no, 15 minute job for how many of you there are?!"

The Faunus moving the boxes just growled at the man and his companion as they began to pick up the pace.

"You see this! This is why I never work with animals!" Roman yelled out annoyed. Neo raised an eyebrow as Roman sighed. "He doesn't count and you know it! The damn kid is more valuable than most humans I've come across."

Neo happily nodded as she hopped off of her crate while a wolf Faunus picked it up. She turned around and tripped him with her parasol with a grin on her face as a shadow quickly zoomed up to the falling Faunus. Neo simply grinned and stood back.

"Woah there big guy!" A wary voice called out as a six foot two black cat Faunus appeared in front of the wolf Faunus. Black flames appeared around him as he materialized and caught the crate from the falling Faunus, while making sure to push the kid back up. The poor guy couldn't have been older than 15 and he was already apart of a cult. How sad. "Gotta watch out for the princess over there. She's kind of a villain."

The wolf Faunus simply stared flabbergasted as he took off his mask quickly and began to ramble.

"S-Sir! You shouldn't be out here helping me! You know how the higher ups get!" The young wolf protested.

"Dude relax." The black haired cat Faunus said as he held the crate on his shoulder and walked over to the Bullhead as the rest of the Faunus stared wide eyed behind their masks. "You guys are like my family, of course I'm gonna help you guys. Besides, I'm like the second highest in command next to Adam!"

Blake's eyes widened and her heart tightened as Sun looked on with a confused expression.

"Uh, who is that?" Sun said as he looked at Blake's expression. "Someone you know?"

"I...I..." Blake stumbled over her words. Her mind was a complete mess right now. What was she supposed to say? She looked over at the newly appeared Faunus and put her hand over her mouth. Two perky cat ears on his head with black hair slicked backwards behind them was right above two amber eyes that shone with confidence. He wore a black shirt that was tight on his body for maximum movement. It had silver lines around the body along with a red White Fang crest in the center chest area. He had a small amount of body armor in the vital places, but not enough to weigh him down. He looked as if he weighed 185-195 pounds, lean and muscular, but not bulky in the slightest. With black combat gloves on and a sword strapped to his back he adorned a confident grin. His white combat pants were held up by a black White Fang belt which hung above his black combat boots. The standard White Fang outfit with a few minor adjustments here and there. He had scars covering his forearms signifying experience, a lot of fighting, or torture...perhaps all three. Blake sized him up as she began to tear up, yet quickly wiped her eyes as she looked back to Sun.

"We need to move. Now." Blake said with a hint of hesitated anger in her voice.

"W-Wait Blake!" Sun tried, but Blake moved before he could stop her. Quickly thinking, Sun got his staff out and stalked after her.

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