Chapter 1

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No one's POV

It was a dark night and well our villain Dark Rock was on a mission. Their mission was the normal which was to kill a hero and try not to get caught. This time was different how ever which of course he half way succeeded. The underground hero Erasure Head barely even caught the villain this time. They are on the bad side of the town to say but they didn't care. "You will be going to jail, but first we need to know your name." Dark Rock chuckled at that and said. "I am Dark Rock and you won't be able to do that." He than vanished in thin air.

When Dark Rock got to his hideout one of his members greeted them. "Welcome back Dark Rock anything that we can do yet it is getting bored here." "Heh Toga you need to be patient I will be giving you one sooner than later." Yes Toga was in the league yet they are still working on the name for it. "Boss the number one villain wants to talk to you tomorrow." Said their bartender Dark Light. "Eh already than hope it won't end like last time." Than they started to think about the name for their league again. "Oh how about for the name for the league The league of Darkness." The cheerfully villain named Dark Love said. "Hmm that is a great idea and for short we will say LOD." They all agreed with their boss and they decided to get rest for the rest of the night.

Izu's POV

I awoke in my room and did my morning routine for school. Once I did have my uniform on I quickly went downstairs to eat breakfast while my mom watched the news until. "Breaking news the number three hero Best Jeanist was found dead this morning by a villain named Dark Rock. We still don't know anything about this villain." "Oh that is horrible I wonder why that villain ever became one." As usual I had to look sad that a hero has been killed. I wonder how long do I have to wait until it stops. "Who knows All Might might be next and hopefully put him into justice." Why dose she always say that if only she knew the truth.

I got done with breakfast and said bye to mom and went to school. Who really is the next person to die is my question first. Oh ya Hi I am Izuku Midoriya and I have been a villain my whole life. No one knows of course which is the fun part. The only people who will know my quirk is my victim before I kill them of course. Anyway I guess the blue highlight in my hair will definitely help me know who my soulmate is. Yes we do have soulmates but no one talks about them.

Once I got to my desk first in class I waited until everyone came in. This time was different however they were all sad probably because of the news and for me I didn't even fake it no more. I held a little smile to myself tho. Than of course the teacher came in before any bullying could happen. "I know you are all sad that the number three hero died sometime last night but-." I couldn't help but let out little giggle that they have time about a hero being killed. "Oi why are you giggling you damn nerd aren't you sad that the hero died." I than snapped a little on the inside. "Honestly Kacchan it isn't surprising that you will be so confused." Oh no not good that my villain side is showing and my eyes will soon turn to their regular color for good which is the color red. I looked in Kacchan's eyes and started to use my quirk while I lost control.

Bakuhoe's POV

What the actual fuck is happening. First the damn nerds eyes turned fucking red and then fucking rocks start to float all around us. It than looked like he said something under his breath but no one could hear it. Suddenly rocks made my arms put together and same with my legs. Their soon was no rocks floating and was all covering me up to my neck.

Izu's POV

I snapped out of what I was doing once the rocks where up to his neck. Or by now it was all in one rocks so eh. I looked at the class and teacher and they where surprised. "Midoriya take Bakugou out of the rock before I give you detention. I know my eyes are no longer green but who cares at the moment. I touched the rock around Kacchan and. "Rock go back to where you once were." It then vanish in thin air and back to once where it was. I than walked back to my desk and sighed knowing I will get a lot of questions and probably an explosion or two to the face.

-_ -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

I was walking under a tunnel to get home today than a familiar voice spoke. "That a nice meat shild I found." I quickly knew it was the slime villain so I quickly put it in a rock sphere and put it in my bookbag. Just in time for All Might to come after I put the bag on my back. When he came closer to me I smirked when he came closer to me. I quickly changed into my villain outfit and before that I trapped All Might.

I chuckled under my breath but something unexpected happened that he turned into his small might form. I quickly killed him of course and this time put a paper by the body that I know is dead. Mostly because I put his heart in a rock sphere also and put a label on it before putting it in my school bag and change once again. The paper said who killed him and what time it happened.

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