The final month (pt.1)

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Hermione and Luna were both relaxing in the Potter-Lovegood flat both exhausted, sore feet and backaches caused trouble and the end of the month was near.


From what Hermione heard from a frantic Harry is that Luna was currently in labor, she was happy for the small woman she had gotten a size that made it look like she might just burst at any second but Hermione, to her demise was the last one to have her baby.


Hermione and Ginny sat in the Nott family flat playing with Leroy and Evangeline.
"How are ya holding up Hermione?"
"I'm doing fine, if that means my ankles are so sore that it feels if I broke them it would feel better and my back feels like there's a million huge ass needles it it. Plus Malfoy is being a huge prat about everything, I can't believe him sometimes Gin, I mean it's been five months, I'm gonna pop any day now." Hermione complained.

"Hey Red!" Ginny's Husband called.
"What Theo I'm try to console Hermione over here"
"There's this weird wispy blue thing, I think it's a stag"
"That would be Harry's patronus, dear"

The Stag spoke: "Hey Gin and 'Mione I just wanted to ask you guys if you wanted to head on down the to hospital wing, Luna had the twins"


"Meet James Liam and Pandora Lily Potter" The small girl said introducing her friends to her new twins.

"They're beautiful Luna" Hermione said trying to stifle the jealousy she had go seeing she was the last one still yet to have her baby.

To be continued....

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