Hatters Here

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Oscars pov

I rush into the back room and close it behind me, I needed to call my fathers men. I grab a stool and drag it to the fridge, climbing it and grabbing the fake flour I had pushed to the back. Theres no way this was just a chance hit, no one has ever thought to steal from me. Time can't be wasted and I cant drag Victor into my drama.

It was like they knew I was alone. I shove my hand in, grabbing the case of my childhood throwing axe's and the burner. Rushing out the kitchen, I go to the closet body and look pointedly at the broken glass beside his body as I go through his pockets.

I pull out his phone and unlock it quickly using his thumb, looking though his messages until I see a familiar number. My sisters? I try to see if i can find any messages but it looked like everything was done in person or over calls.

I turn when I hear footsteps behind me only to meet eyes with an odd but familiar man. He stood tall with a top hat, dressed to the nines. "Who are-"

"Look into my eyes, not around them, not above them but deep into their center. Now sleep."






Oh no, oh no, oh nooooo
(Yo yo yo
Oh no you didnt

Sucka tried to play me
But you never payed me-

I turn off my alarm when it goes off, laying in bed a few more moments. I yawn and scratch my head, feeling a bandage wrapped around me.

I frown at that and try to think back to what happened yesterday. I sigh when it comes flooding back, i had gotten hurt on the job. I hum as I stand, ignoring the bruises on my torso as I stretch. I continue my merry tune as I go to shower, thinking about which route to take to work.

Getting ready is fast and simple enough, I take a quick shower, wash my face and get dressed. Making sure they managed to hide my guns decently, I stare in the mirror for a moment before leaving. I smile awkwardly at my neighbor as I leave but she just stared at me oddly.

I almost frown at that but keep my face neutral as I rush to my car and turn it on. Flipping through the radio stations as I let the car heat up, my cell goes off and I answer after muting the radio. "Good morning." I hum as I needlessly mess with my muted radio.

"I'm just making sure you're still coming in today, I know things were hectic yesterday but thats exactly why I need security."

"I know and I know what you're working on is very important, Mr. Strange. Thats why im already on my way, even brought an extra clip if people get handsy." I assure him, putting the phone on speaker. I set it in the cup holder as I start driving.

"Wonderful. I'll see you soon." Hugo hangs up before I can reply.

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