Offender x Reader

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    You wandered aimlessly through the woods, how you got there? Well it was only about three hours ago.
You and your friend drove closer to the supposed Slender forest. You didn't necessarily believe that creepypastas existed but that didn't make going into a dark forest any less scary. You watched as your friend drove to the mouth of the forest, an eerie feeling creeping up your body. You completely regretted wearing simple pajama shorts and a t-shirt, though, it was extremely hot for an October night. You leaned over and grabbed a flashlight from the back of the car, once you had a firm grip you opened up the car door and walked out into the forest, your friend beside you with their own flashlight. You smiled as you heard the satisfying crunch of leaves under your boots.
     "We should split up!" (F/N) exclaimed, confidence oozing from her voice.
     You were about to reply but before you could, they sprinted off in the direction opposite of yours.
                   ~Flashback End~
     Sure you could've just went back to the car, but what's the fun in that? You walked a bit further, quickly realizing that your flashlight was flickering and most likely about to stop working entirely.
     "Well shit." You muttered, looking around at the increasingly hard to see forest. You squeaked when you heard a branch crack behind you, you went to turn around to look but stopped the moment warmth flooded through your back. You panicked, realizing that someone was standing right behind you, close enough to where their body heat touched your back.
     "Well, well, well... What's a fine young lady like you doing out here in a forest like this?" A deep yet smooth voice filled your ears, it seemed as if it came from all around you, or even your own head.
     "M-my friend and I  go-got separated..." you said, refusing to turn around in fear of what you might see.
     "Oh? Well I know this forest quite well, I might be able to help you~" the deep voice rumbled. You silently cursed yourself for getting aroused from it.
     You turned to look at the man who offered his help, gasping when you saw his face, or lack of. He wasn't too tall, but definitely taller than you. His skin was pale and seemingly glowed, you stopped at his teeth, they were so sharp. They could easily tear through your flesh.
     "Take a picture dearest." He joked, clearly enjoying your state of fear. He reached out, softly holding your chin to maintain 'eye contact'. It seemed as if you were in a trance, completely unable to move or even blink, you were scared he would snap your neck the moment you did.
     "What do you want from me?" You asked, surprised that you didn't stutter. You heard the entity chuckle, you felt heat rush to your face, his voice was so smooth and deep.
      "Didn't I just say that I wanted to help you? Just because I look like a monster doesn't mean I'm going to act like one~" he cooed, bringing your face closer to his. He frowned, as if he was deep in thought, after a moment he smirked. Getting up he began to walk away, simply making a small gesture for you to follow him.
     "Wh-where are you going?!" You asked, your voice shaking as your gut screamed at you to run the either way. But it felt like a haze covered your mind, and it begged you to follow the stranger. He had a strangely comforting aura to him, it was alluring yet intimidating, you knew that you shouldn't trust him but you still did.
     "Now I know that I said that I'd help you find your friend, but it seems a little too dark for any sane person to try go through this forest. So I hope you don't mind me bringing you to my home." He said, the same feeling of comfort filling you as you walked closely behind him.
     "Oh, I mean it's no problem. What's your name, if you don't mind answering." You said, a warm feeling filled your stomach. After about a minute or two of walking you came to a clearing where a simple looking log cabin rested. It looked quite beautiful despite its simplicity, and you guessed that this was where you were going to spend the night.
     "Well, this is my home. I hope that you don't mind the secluded area, I'm not too big a fan of people." He said, "and the names Offender. Dearest."
     "(Y/n), and I'm not too big on people either." You said, slightly unsettled by his 'name'. But the feeling didn't last long, Offender quickly grabbed you by the hand and brought you inside, closing the door harshly behind him. You looked around the room, it was well lit by the fireplace near the centre, which had plush looking couches surrounding it. A horrible feeling made your stomach twist and flip, your eyebrows furrowed and your eyes began to search for something. As you felt your head clear up, your thoughts began to race as you realized the severity of the situation. Why the hell did you rust him for so long?! Why the hell didn't you scream?! What's wrong with him... with you?
"(Y/n)? Are you ok, you look extremely pale. Here, let me help." Offender purred, walking towards you before extending his hand to touch you. You swatted at his hand and growled. If you were gonna die, you were gonna die fighting.
"What the hell... what did you do to me?" You hissed, watching Offenders 'eyes' widen as he recoiled his hand from shock. You cringed slightly as his smile began to widen, almost as if he was impressed.
    "Well look what we have here, not once has anyone overcome my charms... what makes you so different?" He mused, bending down to meet you at eye level. You squinted your eyes as that same haze tried to reclaim your head, you pushed it away, trying to focus on your friend and the need to escape. You snapped your eyes open and looked at Offender as he chuckled to himself, before grabbing hold of your chin in his hand, forcing you to look at his featureless head. The one you trusted only moments ago.
     "Let me go. Now." You seethed, becoming more and more frustrated with Offender.
     "Now now kitten, I'm afraid that I give the orders." Offender said quickly before he slammed his lips against yours, completely catching you off guard. Your eyes widened, and you turned your head to gasp for air. Offender quickly took advantage of the position and started to suck at your neck, you growled quietly, trying your best to hate the feeling.
     Offender was making quick work of finding your sweet spot, the moment his tongue glided over it you felt your mind blank. You gasped as he began to bite and nibble at your sweet spot, your eyes closing slightly as you used your hand to cover your mouth. You refused to let him know that you liked this. Offender chuckled at your actions, picking you up he moved to the couch. After he put you on the couch Offender quickly stripped down, watching you with amusement as you looked at his member. Your face paled at the sight of it, there was no way he could fit that inside of you.
     "Don't worry, doll. It won't hurt a bit." You glared back up at him, praying that this was a dream. Offender moved down towards you, placing his hands at the hem of your shirt before he pulled it over your head. You bit your lip as Offender began to grope your breasts, trying to stop any noise you might make. You gasped as you felt Offender pull both your pants and underwear down, moving his hand so it was at your entrance. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as Offender traced your entrance softly, causing you to moan out quietly. As his hands started to prod at you his mouth found its way to your chest, sucking and biting your hardened nipple. You felt Offenders fingers finally slip into you, causing you to throw your head back. He smirked as your legs quivered from the stimulation. He started to move his fingers around at a faster pace, earning louder moans from you. But just as you got close to the edge he stopped.
     "P-please... ju-just let me cum..!" You panted, getting tired of his antics. Offender chuckled before nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck.
     "Whatever you say, kitten~" Offender cooed before positioning his hips above your own, letting the tip of his member penetrate your entrance. You swung your arms around his back, bringing him closer to you. Your nails began to dig into Offenders flesh as he started to push himself into you, you whined quietly as you felt your womanhood wrap around his member. Offender groaned out as he finally managed to fully enter you. The two of you stopped, huffing quietly as you both prepared. Offender pulled out for a moment before slamming back into you, revelling in your screams. He continued the process, hearing your screams and moans grow in volume. You were at the edge, feeling your mind blank every time Offender hit your G-spot. Drool began forming at your mouth, though you didn't even notice. You began to pant heavier than you already were, and your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you felt a knot take hold of your stomach. Your muscles tightened as you got closer to your release. You felt Offenders member begin to twitch as he sped up, thrusting even harder.
     "Ha... are you... close k-kitten?" Offender asked, huffing as he talked. He too was close to release.
     "Yes! Please, Offender... l-let me c-cum!" You screamed, feeling the knot in your stomach tighten. Offender huffed before thrusting into you one last time, causing the knot to snap. You threw your head back, the rest of your body shaking as euphoria grasped your body. Offender pulled out, his member cumming all over your stomach. He huffed for a bit before he slowly laid down beside you, pulling you closer to him he examined he marks that he left. He smiled as you drifted off to sleep. Chuckling to himself, he cuddled closer to you, falling asleep himself.
     Sooo.... I haven't updated in awhile... also, what the fuck??? This has like, 600 views?! I mean, thanks you guys ;-; thanks for liking my shitty attempt at this.

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