Chapter 1

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Today was just like any other day at the bar. The usual people in and out. I usually work in the afternoon. More people come in at that time then you think. But today I have to work the night shift. It's difficult because I have a kid and sometimes my best friend Alex isn't always available like tonight. So right now I'm on my way to pick up my daughter.

"Mommy" I hear my daughter Elle say as she runs up to me. "Hey Elle how was school" I said as I hug her. "It was really good we got to play outside for most the day because my class won something". "That's good". "So If I get all my homework done can I stay up just a little later". "I'm sorry honey but we have to go to my job today but if you get your homework done I'll let you use my phone to watch tv".
"But I don't want to go why can't Alex watch me". "Because she has to go to something and I have no one else to watch you so you don't really have a choice". "What does she have to do". "I don't know I forget". "Fine can I still watch stuff on your phone". "Only if you finish your homework and don't distract me". "I promise". "Ok then come on".

Once we arrived I Elle fell asleep on a chair behind the counter and she looked to cute to wake up so I let her sleep for a little while. I woke her up after an hour and told her to go to  the break room to start doing her homework and because I don't like her out here surrounded by drunk people.

The bar started to get really crowded and more and more people started coming in.

Alex came in here with her usual group but there was another face I haven't seen but I know who she is because she's well known around here. And that person was Lena Luthor. I hear all the stuff that people say about her but she doesn't seem that bad nobody gives her a chance they just assume she's like the rest of her family.

But now I remember why Alex couldn't watch Elle she promised her other friends that she'd buy them drinks because she hasn't seen them in a while.

I find myself the most of the night looking at Lena Luthor. I'm not going to lie she is very pretty. And I guessed I zoned out because now Alex was standing in front of me trying to snap me out of my thought.

"Y/n....... Y/n....... Y/n can you snap out of whatever thought you're in I hope you know that your still working" I hear Alex say. "What sorry I zoned out". "Yeah I can tell what were you thinking about". "Nothing". "Oh really you weren't thinking about the famous ceo sitting at my table". "How do you even know that". "You were staring at her the whole night it's not like you were being secretive about it". "Damn I need to work on that".

"You should talk to her". "What I can't do that plus it's weird if I go up to the whole table and just talk none of your friends know me". "Yeah but I do and I'll introduce you". "I don't know if that's a good idea". "Why not". "Because even if I did talk to Lena and somehow got a date with her she's just leave after she finds out that I have a kid like most people do". "Do people actually do that". "Yes". "Ok well I'm introducing you to her before we leave". And before I could even say anything she walked away.

Alex's Pov:
They are so clueless they both keep staring at each other and they think no one notices them.
They are so obvious. "Hey Lena" I say as I sit back down. "Yes". "So I think you should just go talk to her". "Talk to who" Kara, Winn, and James say at the same time. "Y/n she's the girl behind the bar" I replied back. Then they all look over to her. "Damn Lena if you don't go talk to her I will she's beautiful" says James. "Yeah Lena you better go talk to her because I'm about to get up to" says Winn. "Yeah you should go Lena" I heard Kara whisper in Lena's ear.

"First of all James and Winn she's gay so you can talk to her all you want but you won't get her" I said. "Yeah but what if I make her not gay". "You sound stupid James just shut up before I punch you what type of statement is that. And Lena go talk to her now". "How do you even know her Alex". "They were friends in high school" Kara replies for me. "Yeah so just go talk to her now". "Fine I'll go". And finally Lena walked up there.

Your POV:
I glanced back over at her table and I notice Lena walking up to me.

"Hey". "Hey". "So can I get some more drinks for that table". "Yeah hold on". I walked away got the drinks and then came back and put them on a tray to give it to her. "Here you go" I say handing her the tray.

"So I heard that your friends with Alex". "Yes I am". "Then why don't you ever hang out with all of us because I've never seen you". "Well I have work and other things to take care of so I don't really go out much but I hang really only with Alex and sometimes Kara I also don't know the rest of them. What about you Ms.Luthor I don't ever see you here with them". "I usually get to invested or caught up with my work to go out and you can call me Lena". "Ok then Lena wh..". But before I could say anything Elle came out.

"Mommy I know your working but can you help me with this". "Hold on a second" I said to Lena. "Sure come here and show me what it is". "It's math I need help multiplying this". "Ok your doing twenty five times three. So what is five times three". "Um wait". Then she started counting on her fingers. "It's fifteen". "Good now write a five there and carry the one" I said pointing at the paper. "Ok now what's two times three". "Six". "Good now take the one that you carried and add it to the six". "So just one plus six". "Yes". "Ok". "Now what do you get". "Seventy five". "Good now is there anything else you needed help with". "No. Thank you". And then she walked away.

I turned back to Lena. "Sorry. You should probably go take those drinks to your friends they are probably getting warm". "Oh yeah your right". And then she walked away but when she went to her table but she didn't sit back down.

Alex's Pov:
"I got more drinks" I hear Lena say. "Well how did it go". "Why didn't you tell me she has a kid". "Wait she has a kid. Someone made her not gay Alex so why can't I, I'd gladly be the step parent to that child if the mom looks like that". "Ew James no one wants you as there dad and once again you sound dumb she's gay you of all people will not make her not gay ". "Well then how did she have a kid if she's gay". "It's a long story that I have no right to explain to you all I can tell you is that the dad is no good and that's all I can say if you want to know ask her. But Lena would you have gone over there if I told you she had a kid".

"Yes the kid won't really affect anything unless we go on a date which I don't think we will". "And why is that". "She told me she doesn't get out much and neither do I". "She tells everyone that because she thinks no one will like her because she has a kid". "How can no one like her have you seen her". But before we could continue our conversation Elle came over and she looked like she was crying.

"Alex do you have anything that can help my mom she cut herself". "How did she do that". "I don't know can you please just help". "Actually Lena is better than me at that stuff so you should probably take her". "I don't care who can someone please just help her". "Yes I'll help her" Lena said. "Ok come here". Then Lena walked away.

"Was that the kid" James and Winn asked. "Yeah". "She's cute" said Winn. "I know".

Your POV:
I walked outside to take out the trash and some guy came up to me and tried to rob me but I didn't have anything on me. When I got out of his grasp I didn't notice he was holding a knife and it sliced right through the palm of my hand. So I ran back inside and told Elle to go get Alex because she knows what to do only Lena came instead.

"Oh my gosh what happened" she said looking at my hand. "Some guy tried to rob me and he cut my hand with a knife". "Ok I'll be back in a second I need more than a band aid". When she came back she had a bandage to wrap around my hand and something to disinfect the cut.

"I'm done luckily the cut wasn't really deep so you should be fine". "Oh ok thank you. So why did Elle get you instead of Alex". "Actually she got Alex but Alex told me to go instead because I know more medical stuff". "Did she really" Alex I know exactly what you did. "Yeah". "Well thank you for fixing my hand but I have to get home because Elle is tired". "Ok bye". And then she turned to Elle and said "bye Elle take care of your mom". Then she just left.

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