Chapter 52

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When we reach the school I realise Taylor's right. I would have been blown away. This wind is absolutely crazy.

I say thank you to Taylor and run inside, fighting against the wind. As soon as I get inside, I adjust my hair and look around to see an empty corridor. Where is everyone? I walk to the nearest classroom and look inside. Empty. I decide to text Avery.

(A=Avery, S=Sky)

S: are you at school?

A: no I'm sick

S: you're sick? Well okay get better soon.

A: thanks! Have you seen Jake?

S: no I can't find anyone

A: oh well it's a bad weather day, there's probably an assembly in the main hall

S: ah okay

A: your in the school entrance right? Walk straight until you get to the stairs, turn left, walk straight, turn left again and go through the double doors. :)

S: thank you Avery! Hanging out tomorrow?

A: Yeah!! I thought you were busy today though, why are you at school?

S: because it's a school day?

A: it's Saturday?

I look at my phone calendar. Oh shit. She's right. How is it possible for me to be so dumb? This is so embarrassing. But how did Matt, Jack, Jack, taylor and Mia all get the day wrong too?

I ring Matt. No answer.

M: can't talk in a meeting x

S: sorry :)

I ring Jack J next. Jack G answers.

"Hey sky! Jack can't talk right now, he's in the recording booth"

"Oh of course, you're both really busy today! Sorry"

"It's okay! Have a nice day at school"

"It's a Saturday"

"No it isn't? It's Friday the 10th?"

"You sound so British but it's Saturday 10th"

"My calendar says Friday"

"Mine says Saturday"

"Hang on" he says and I wait for a long pause "Jack's says Friday too"

"Oh god"


"I bet I can guess who changed te date on your phones"



"I'd love to keep chatting but I have to go in the booth"

"Okay Jack, have fun!"

"Bye" he says hanging up.

I take a deep breath and dial Taylor's number. No answer. I guess I'll be walking home.


As I struggle to fight through the wind and rain (also getting more soaked by the second) I hear a car pull up next to me.

"Hey cutie" I hear a male voice behind me. I try to turn in the wind. When I succeed I see Jake in his car. "What are you doing here? In this weather?"

"It's a long story"

"I've got the whole day"

"Go home Jake"

"Not before I take you home"

"Why do you want to help me?" I shout over what feels like 60mph winds.

"I'm not a complete ass. Just get in the car"

"I'm soaked"

"I have waterproof seats. Just get in. I'll take you straight home"

"Fine" I say walking round to get in him car. When I shut the door behind me Jake turns the heat up as high as it will go.

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