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(y/n pov)

You looked over from the kitchen to see Ethan and Grayson filming yet another video in your living room. You sighed as they talked to the camera. Going back to scrubbing your mug you turned to the sink.

"Can you stop screaming, Grayson?" Ethan asked. You smiled. "You're going to wake up my niece." You chuckled to yourself.

"Your niece? She's my daughter!" Grayson yelled. He slapped Ethan on the back of his head. You turned to hear the sound of slapping and sighed. "You little fuck," Grayson said, wrestling Ethan on the couch. You dried your hands on your jeans, walking over.

"Stop fighting," You told them for the hundredth time. Grayson looked up at you while holding Ethan in a headlock.

"Hey look, it's my wife!" Grayson shouted again. You rolled your eyes, walking away as they continued to fight. "You fucker, get off of me," You turned the sink on, only to turn it off as you heard cries coming from the baby monitor next to you.

The boys shut up as you turned, holding the monitor up. They got off of each other as you walked upstairs. "Oh, baby, it's okay," You said walking over to your seventh-month-old baby. Taking her from her crib, you rocked her in your arms. "Daddy and uncle E are screaming again, aren't they?" You smiled, pacing around the room you shared with Grayson.

"She okay?" Ethan asked as he and Grayson walked into the room. You nodded walking around, trying to quiet her wails. "Look what you did," He hissed at Grayson. Grayson rolled his eyes.

"You're the one who was screaming," Grayson responded.

"You slapped me on the hea-" You cut Ethan off.

"Just go film your video, and be quiet," You snapped. The boys nodded and mumbled their sorry's, walking back down the stairs.

"Boys are stupid," You whispered to your wailing baby. "Your daddy and uncle are perfect examples."


(gray's pov)

"You woke her up, not me," I snapped at Ethan. He glared at me. We sat in front of the rolling camera, once again.

"YOU hit ME, Grayson." He said. I rolled my eyes and slapped him on the head again.

"She's such a heavy sleeper, she never wakes up," I told the camera. Ethan scoffed.

"She is my niece," He said. I looked over at him. "What?"

"She's my DAUGHTER!" I said. Ethan slapped me on the head. I winced and turned, rubbing my head as y/n walked into the living room.

She rocked Lyra in her arms, quieting her. Me and Ethan both shut up as she looked between the two of us. She pointed at the clock on the wall. "You guys gonna go get Luna from ballet, or?" My eyes widened as I turned to Ethan.

"Fuck, we have to go, man," I said. Standing up, I shut off the camera, not having filmed anything. "We're gonna be late," I mumbled, grabbing my keys.

"What a great daddy you are," Ethan said. I slapped him in the head once more as y/n laughed. Ethan grabbed his windbreaker and followed me to the door, y/n and Lyra close by. "Alright, if you're husband's just going to hit me every time I open my mouth, I'm never coming over again," Ethan told her.

"Well, I'll gladly have you over when Lyra's awake and around because you both don't fight then," She said with a smile. I rolled my eyes as Ethan laughed.

"Okay, bye, I'll be back soon." I pecked y/n on the lips and kissed Lyra on the forehead. "I'll be back soon princess, okay?" I took her teeny hand in mine and she smiled a toothless grin at me. She grabbed my finger and I smiled.

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