Unwanted surprise

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I hope Aunt Faye and Uncle Greg will love or even just like what I will give to them. I am somewhat nervous as Nathan and I were walking towards the door of their house.

As Nathan knock on the door, my heart pounded with the same rhythm of it. It took a while before someone heard us knocking outside.

“Oh, Chelsea, you’re here again! Come in, come in, you know you’re always welcome here,” Aunt Faye said. She was as beautiful as ever, as if she was not getting old. Her smile is contagious; I smiled as well as I look at her bright face.

“Uhmm…I come here because I wanted to give you and Uncle Greg something. If you won’t like it, I would definitely understand,” I told her, my voice is trembling.

“You are such an amusing kid. You shouldn’t bother giving us something”

“But I wanted to,” I interrupted. “I wanted to give you something even if it’s not enough for what you have done for me and my dad. I really want to show you my gratitude with all the kindness that you’ve shown us,”

“We did it because we care for you and especially your dad. He’s a very good man, I’m also very sorry for all that happened between you and your family.” Her bright smile changed into a heart-breaking frown. I’m not used to see her like this.

“You shouldn’t be sorry, Aunt Faye. It’s not your fault. If there is someone to blame, that would be my self-centered mom and that home-wrecker Harriet Lowell.” Anger overwhelmed me. Every time I remember her or that disgusting man, I couldn’t help myself but to feel this way.

“Well enough of that. It’s past; we shouldn’t waste our time bringing it back again. We should enjoy tonight. I’ll go call your Uncle Greg and also your dad so we can celebrate this wonderful day.” Whew. She was smiling again. It was very relieving.

“Hello Lyndon? It’s me, Faye. Will you please come over? We’ll be having a party tonight,” she told my dad with such an excitement.

“Really? Sure, I’ll be there. I’ll just wait ‘til Chelsea comes home so she’ll be with me”

“She’s already here. She brought us something very special. She said it’s a “Thank you” gifts,”

“Alright, I’ll be there in just a sec,” then he hung up the phone.

“Your dad will be here in a moment. I’ll prepare the table already. Wait for me, okay?” Aunt Faye said with her sweet smile again.

“Mom’s never been excited like this. You really made her happy, even without her knowing what’s your gift for her,” Nathan told me, his face was very still and serious.

“I’m still nervous, you know. She still hasn’t seen my gift. She may be disappointed if she’ll find it out. Anyway, why so serious? Is something bothering you?”

“Yeah, a bit, but don’t mind me. I’m good. Let’s talk about it in some other time okay? Tonight’s not the right time,” he still looks very still as if he was like a talking robot.

My dad’s probably the one who’s knocking at the door. Nathan opened it and dad was smiling with home-made spaghetti on his hands.

“Wow, my favorite! Is this all for me?” Nathan blurted out. His mood changed when he saw the spaghetti dad brought. It’s one of his favorites.

My dad laughed so hard, as if he was no laughing for over a century.

“It’s not only for you, Nathan. It’s for everybody. I also brought an extra because I know that you can’t get enough of this”

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