My happiness

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“Yesterday was like my birthday. There had been things that happened that I’d never expected to happen anymore!” I told, very much excited.

“Well, what is that? Would you tell it to me one by one because I don’t want to guess it, you know” he said, a little bit irritated yet curious.

“Remember when I told you that I won’t go home early? I went around the city. After a while, I saw this very interesting shop full of wonderful things. There were paintings of the nixies, unusual shells from their world and so much more,” I said, while making some hand gestures while I told my story.

“Wait, wait, wait. Nixies? What are those? I haven’t heard of them,” he asked me while one of his eyebrows rose.

“Oh, yeah, well it was also my first time to learn about them yesterday. Nixies were creatures from the other world. They were water-like fairies. They can shape-shift as mermaids, fishes and even human. Aren’t they cool?”

“Yeah, they are but are those real? I mean, you really believed in those things?” he told me. He didn’t believe me again. He’s always been like this. I feel like I was always lying to him.

“Would you just listen? Yes, they are real. I believe Alex. He was the owner of the shop. He even knew all about the sheep that saved you from the forest. He told me that that sheep was a pet of the nixies. It just bothered him because the queen of the nixies forbids them to mingle with us. Yet a nixie helped us. He also told me that those animals didn’t have any eyeballs. The eyes that I saw from the sheep were from its owner. It’s quite amazing”

“Okay, okay, I believe you. I’m sorry if I doubted your story. Will you introduce me to this guy, Alex?”

“Sure, but I don’t think that you’ll like his shop. It’s a little dark there but if you insist, I would be really glad to take you there.”

“Yeah, I will go there. Just promise me you’ll be by my side the whole time we’ll be there”

“Of course, I will not leave you. Thanks by the way, for being interested with m weird stuffs.”

“Well, if you wouldn’t ask, I may appear to be bored about the things that you like, I’m actually curious about it. I would really want to see it, if they are real”

“That’s good to hear. Anyway, after I went to the shop, I also went to the Brandywine Creek. After all of the stories that Alex shared me, I got inquisitive. I asked myself why mom and dad chose that place to be their special spot, where they share their sweet moment together. So I went there, where I found out that it was one of the most beautiful places in earth.”

“How beautiful is it? Can we go there after class?”

“Sure, I was really planning to take you there. I’m sure you’ll love it, too. Anyway, I also saw a beautiful lady, she was about as old as we are. Her beauty was so striking, I couldn’t get her out of my sight so I asked her if she would want to be friends with me, but she rejected me,” It made me sad again. I remembered the moment where I couldn’t accept to myself that she wouldn’t like to be friends with me. That it was my first time to approach someone and even beseech her to be a part of my life.

“Wow that was new. It’s very strange that you befriended somebody. Is she really fascinating that it made you sad like that?” he seemed worried again. He’s right, I was really strange. Even I was wondering why I did that.

“Actually Nathan, I’m also wondering why I did that. Yes she was very fascinating. Maybe that was the reason I did something like that but it really did hurt me when she rejected me”

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