The meeting

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Alex did a great job for making my head full of thoughts and entertained me while I was bored for the entire day. To make the long story short, he completed my day. Full of thoughts, I wasn’t contented by his stories. I want to meet the three nixies who were once a part of the human world. I want to know where Arethusa went. Who is her family? Am I related to them, if not, I would really want to be related to them. I want to meet Lorelie and talk to her. Tell her that forbidding nixies not to mingle with humans is not a good idea. It would really better to mix up with them. I also want to see that Olivion and punch him on the face and see what happens. Will he get hurt or am I going to get hurt? Damn, these nixies are making me crazy. I think I’ll get obsessed with them and that’s a good thing. I want to live with and I’ll do what it takes to be with them. I also wonder what a half nixie and half human would look like. Does it look normal or different? Do they join humans or stay inside their houses because they look unusual? These things really make me exciting.

Tomorrow, I’ll definitely go back to Alex’s shop. If only I could bring Nathan there but I know that it’ll be impossible. Nathan would not have the guts to go there knowing that it’s dark and creepy. For him, it’s enough for me to share the stories and he’ll just listen to me. Ever since we were kids, he’s a very good listener and I’m always the story teller.

It’s too early to get home and I don’t want to see my zombie dad yet. Brandywine Creek, all of a sudden, I thought of the place. I just felt curious. Why is it mom and dad’s special place? What’s in there to admire that place so much? I want my questions be answered. I hailed a cab and went there as soon as possible. As I sit inside the cab, I can feel the excitement in my veins, as if it there was something that needs to be discovered. My heart is thumping rapidly and it vibrates in my chest. My sweat is cold, I feel so nervous. I’ve never been like this my whole life.

Brandywine Creek, this is my first time here. Even if I’m still outside, the gate was so beautiful. It was carved with lines curved with elegance. It was made of the finest iron and platinum. As I look at this gate the magnificence of the hand-forged gate was heart stopping. I sneak inside because no one’s there. It was a little dark when I get here, but I don’t care. I feel like something’s pushing me to get here in any possible way and now I’m here I’m going to find out what it is.

There are tall wall posts made of steel and fiber glass. Their lights are a bit dim and the ambience is very soothing. As I continue walking, I saw benches align vertically. It was made of redwood I think. I sat for a while and closed my eyes. It was very relaxing to be here. All my troubles would be all away if I would be here.

Suddenly, I heard a wonderful and such a serene voice. It sings with words I don’t understand. I follow where it was coming from. I walked and walked without direction. I can’t help but to know what that was or who it was. My legs moved uncontrollably. I ran as fast as I can. I got tripped, it injured me.

As I stood up, my knee was bleeding. I raised my head and got surprised. The sheep, it was in front of me again! I was so happy, even if I’m still bleeding I immediately got up and ran towards it but it walked away. The voice, it started singing again. The sheep’s direction was the same direction where the voice is coming from. I followed and I followed until I reached the creek. It was so stunning, just by looking at it, it made my day it sugar coated the stories of Alex. The crystal clear water was calming. My eyes sparkle as the moonlight touches the body of water. This was paradise. The scent of the water and the trees were so sweet-smelling. The cold breeze tingle my spine. I closed my eyes and enjoy the feelings I’ve never felt since I gain consciousness in this cruel world. Discovering this place made me realize that world isn’t that cruel after all.

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