Chapter 25

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"Won't say I need you, too scared to lose you
Put down your pride, see through your eyes, somebody bruised you
Know what you been through, I wan' avenge you ~YNW Melly

"Won't say I need you, too scared to lose youPut down your pride, see through your eyes, somebody bruised youKnow what you been through, I wan' avenge you ~YNW Melly

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"DESTINY!" I heard Megan yell. I sighed.

"IN THE KITCHEN!" I yelled back. She ran in there with Ken and Eisha.

"WE got TEA!" Ken yelled.

"Why you so loud?"

"Okay so bitch! I was scrolling through ig or whatever. I go to Melly story and what not and he got Liyah and Ocean holding y'all fucking babies with him and Mariah ass in the picture all hugged up! He deleted it because he prolly figured out I seen it but bitch I work for the screen shot police." Megan said. She showed me the picture and the caption read. 'With my slime💚'. I felt my anger just rise in my body.

"Girl! Imma say it again. Throw. The. Whole. Nigga. Away." Eisha said.

"Y'all know what. Y'all can leave imma handle this shit on my fucking own. Jamell has disrespected me for the last time." I said.

"Call me if anything pop off." Megan said leaving. I smiled and they left.

"This nigga really done did it. How you gon be all for not letting them see our children but let them?" I asked myself out loud. I shook my head.

"Lemme clean up." I said getting my Bluetooth speaker and putting on some music the first song that popped on was Summer Walker Girls Need Love.

"Honestly, I'm tryna stay focused
You must think I've got to be joking when I say
I don't think I can wait
I just need it now
Better swing my way
I just need some dick
I just need some love
Tired of fucking with these lame niggas baby
I just need a thug"

***15 minutes later***

"Issa bad bitch party, you cannot get in I can take ya man, pass em to my friends I can't shake ya hand, no I'm not your friend
I don't fuck with bitches, I just want some bandz BITCH!" I rapped finishing cleaning up. I heard a knock on the door and I cut the music off and went to open it. I opened it and it revealed Jamell and our babies.

"Hey baby." I said kissing him on his cheek. Imma act like I don't know shit and then BOOM! Imma attack his stupid ass.

"They sleep so imma go put them upstairs." He said. I nodded and he went upstairs.

"Just chill destiny." I said to myself. Jamell came back downstairs and sat down.

"Come here boo." He said. I got up and he pulled me in his lap.

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