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haii i'm very sorry that i have posted :P but you kinda made me wanna post :D

and so yerr here it is page 3 of my story :D



caitlin's pov

i walk into d20 and see aidan sitting up the back and go up to sit next to him without having to introduce myself or anything but unfortunately the teacher mr browning i think seems to have a different idea

"caitlin, why dont you come and introduce yourself to the class"

"uhmm okay sir," i say as i reluctantly walk up to the front of the class "uhmm as you obviously know my names caitlin i'm 16 i used to go to hoxton park highschool back in sydney uhmm i love my music and i love to sing i can cook really well and i'm a vegatarian, uhmm is that enough sir"

"yes, yes thank you for sharing that with us, you may go back to your seat" he says as i turn around and head back up the aisle

"nice intro, cait" aidan whispers to me as i take my seat next to him

"hah, yeah it was brilliant ayee" i reply

"yeah and you gotta prove to me you can cook"

"oh really, how about you come over tonight and i'll show you just how well i can cook ??"

"sounds good, what time?"

"caitlin denley and aidan forbister be quiet or i will be forced to give you detention" mr browning yells at us

"okaii, sir" we both say

5:00 tonight i right on a note and pass to him sounds good he rights back, i turn ad smile at him then mouth "good, now lets work" then we get down to studying cue the throw up D:

*through the magic of my imagination we are skipping forward this lesson to lunch :P*

"so how was your day so far??" aidan asks me as we go to a table filled with really hot looking emo guys

"uhmm pretty good if you discount this mornings events" i reply

"ha you have to admit it was pretty funny when they all backed down when i came in"

"oh yeah it was just hilarious" i reply sarcastically

"well anywho" he says as we walk upto what im assuming is his groups table "these are my mate jake micheal and luke

"hello" i say to them

"hey there, im luke" says a tallish looking guy with black hair with a red fringe i usually dont like this style ut it really suits luke

"harro, i'm the comedic one of us jake as you can guess" says the cute one sitting in the middle he's got dark brown hair with a realy hot emo style going on

"hi, uhmm i'm micheal i'm the more serious one of the group, well after aidan of course im surprised he's opened up to you at all" he says but then stops as he realises aidans giving him death glares

"oh really why?"

"theres no reason other than you seem cooler than all the sluts here" aidan inteerupts

"huh , ohkaii then" i say as i go to sitdown "wait i can sit here right??"

'of course why wouldnt you?"

"oh there was a rule at my old school in all the cliques you had to ask to sit, stupid yerr i know but i got used to it"

"ohkaii thats a really wierd school you went to" aidan rplise

"ha yh i know thats why i left, that nd i got expelled"

"how come you got expelled?" luke asked me

"huh oh nothing much i just never wore the right uniform always got into fights with mah bestie libby nd smashed up on other kids"

"oh, sounds like fun"

"it was" i say as i start to eat

just as i finish my greek salad the bell for last period goes and luckily i have this class with luke so i wont be alone

"bye guys uhmm aiidan i'll cya tonight right?"

"cya, and yes that should be riht"


okaii more magical abilities skip lat period

"hey babe"

"omg not another one"

"what do you mean?"

"all you guys just leave me alone your all manwhores"

"oh is that what you think of your childhood bestie joey??"

"yes, wait what, ohmygosh, joey!" i yell as i turn around

"the one and only he says as he hugs me

"ohmygosh i missed you so much"

"i know"

"youur supposed to say you missed me to dipshit"

"ohh, i missed you to dipshit"

"oh fuckyou"

"heh i love you to"

i'm really sorry but its like 12:30am nd i'm really tired so this is it for noww xx g'day or g'night wherever you are

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