Unbreakable Friendship

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Nathaniel Rutherford, my best friend since I was just 4 years old. He was a bright, jolly and unpredictable kind of guy. All his dark secrets are already in my own Pandora’s Box. He trusted me with everything, as in EVERYTHING. His mannerism, his likes, dislikes all the things you can think of about him, I know them all. He even got this bizarre birthmark on his back, upper right portion of his back to be exact. On the way I see it, it looks like an angel. It was so pretty every time I look at it but Nathan didn’t want anybody to look at it. He told me that it’s kind of gay, too immature of him.

Nathaniel was the perfect guy for every girl I know. He was tall, a little dark, and handsome, as they all say. He has deep blue eyes, brunette hair and a smile that is so heart melting. His laugh is a melody to their ears. He is a badminton player, one of the top students in class and loves music above everything else. For me, it’s like he can do everything possible. He just needs to be focused on it. He needs to be determined whenever he’s doing something new for him. He wants to try almost everything he wants. He knew 5 different languages. Of course English was the first one, then Spanish, German, French and Japanese. Every year he studies different languages. For, now he studies Korean. He’s into Asian things recently.

In sports, aside from badminton, he also plays basketball, tennis and football. He’s good in all these sports but he really loved badminton above all that’s why he dedicated himself in this sport so much. He’s also into extreme sports like skiing, snowboarding and bungee jumping, which I really do hate so much. I love summer but he hates it for the reason that he loves winter so much. Above all these sports, swimming was the sport he credited so much. He told me that whenever he’s in water, he feels so refreshed and relieved. He forgets everything that bothered him in the past few days. Once a week, we go for a swim without her mom knowing. His mother forbids him to swim for such pointless reason. When he was just 3 years old, he was nearly drowned as what his mom told us, but we found out that it’s not true at all. When we asked his dad, he told us that it was just a white lie for Nathan’s mom to protect him. Nathan understood his mom for being overprotective but he can’t follow her rules. He feels like his being choked to death. Nathan even told me that water cause him to feel so free.

Nathan also loved reading books. Fictional and mythological creatures were the genre he liked. He’s into fairies, dragons, mermaids, Greek Gods and Goddesses and other stuffs like that. He influenced me in being interested in those things, as well.

Mr. Right isn’t he? Almost all my friends love him so much. Sometimes I even assume that they only befriended me just to stay close with him. However, there are girls who hate me so much because of the fact that we are so inseparable. Most of the people would think of us that we’re a couple, which is very preposterous.

Silly, that’s what I consider it. Nathan, for me, is just the boy I knew and I can trust my whole life with. He's my special little guy. Nothing more. We accepted each other for who we are and that’s why he’s my best friend. We share the same point of views. We may be compatible in almost everything but I can’t think of us being a couple.

Both of us didn’t believe in love. He had a lot of girlfriends. He’s not serious about all of them. Even how beautiful and gorgeous they were, it didn’t matter to him. Women were all the same. They would just like you because you’re popular. That’s his point of view about them; his only exceptions are his mom and me. He would just get in a relationship to have someone to flirt with and display those girls for him to brag to other men. We may have different reasons about love but what’s important is we don’t believe it exists.

I stay at his place everyday after class. We study a lot and if we got bored he plays the piano and I sing. Sometimes, he teaches me how to play badminton or tennis but I’m not that interested of it. I’m not the athletic type. Swimming was the only sport I loved doing when I’m with him.

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