Chapter Eleven

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A/N: So, I opened my book to write a new chapter today and was surprised to see that so many people had read it. Last night I was only at 14 reads and today it jumped up to 51. So, thank you for everyone who read it.


The morning after Ethan interrupted Charlie's interrogation, he was sitting in his mother's office waiting for his mother to arrive so she could rip him a new one. He knew he wasn't supposed to go in there, but he couldn't help it. He had to know what was going on.

His mother was taking so long that he thought about just leaving when she came in with Dean following behind her. She sat down at her desk and Dean sat in the chair next to me.

"So, would you care to explain why you interrupted to interrogation?" she asked.

"I thought I could help," Ethan said.

"I was handling it," Dean said.

"Yes, but I was the one who found out where he was turned." Ethan looked at his mother. "He was in a car accident a while ago and I'm betting that's when they found him and turned him. He said that he has to do what they say or they'll kill his family." 

She crossed her arms a swiveled in her chair as she thought. "While all of this is important, it still doesn't change the fact that you broke protocol."

"I know," Ethan sunk a little lower in his seat.

"But, he seems to trust you. Or, as much as he can trust someone in his position. I need you to try and talk to him and see if he'll give up the location of the Rutherfords. Tell him we will keep watch over his family until all of the vampires are dead."

Ethan nodded. Dean looked like he wanted to jump out of his chair in anger, but refrained himself. Everyone knows better than to defy Moira.

Ethan quickly left the room and made his way down to Charlie's cell. Inside, Charlie was still tied to a chair in the middle. He was breathing heavily and there was now blood matted in his curly brown hair. Probably a little gift from Dean after Ethan left.

"Hey," Ethan said and walked towards him. "Do you need anything? Water?"

"Freedom." Charlie didn't look up from the ground.

"Yeah, that's why I'm here. My m- Moira, our councilwoman, would like to protect your family in exchange for you giving us the location of the Rutherfords."

Charlie was silent. He didn't look up; he didn't move. Ethan wasn't sure he heard him.

"I said-"

"I heard what you said, but it's no use. They would find a way to hurt my family. They never lose."

"We are willing to watch your family and protect them. We'll even bring them here where it would be safer if you like."

"No." Charlie finally looked up and stared directly into Ethan's eyes. "I do not want my family to know about any of this. I don't want their lives ruined as mine has."

He looked back down at the ground. Ethan waited but it didn't look like he wanted to talk. He turned and was about to leave out the door when he realized something. He walked back over the Charlie and kneeled before him so they were at eye level.

"How much do you know about the Rutherfords?"

Charlie shook his head. "Not much. They had me do errands for them occasionally like picking up Mia or having me follow a random person around."

"These people, these vampires, are one of the oldest and most powerful vampire families in the world. They practically run all of the supernatural families in North America. They are the ones who teach others how to kill and not get caught. Countless innocent humans and supernaturals have died by their hands or their orders. And you have the chance to stop it. 

"You have the opportunity to prevent anyone else from dying. You can stop other people like Mia from being kidnapped and fed on. You can stop other people from being taken advantage of and turned like you were. You can help us also help us get the information that would help us take down other supernaturals that maim and kill as it pleases them."

I took out a knife and cut the ropes from his wrists. "So, will you help us?"

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