Chapter 29

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"How could you of been there?" he asked with disbelief.
"If I'm right I was going to visit my mothers friend with her, I remember it quite well, it was the first time I ever saw my mother mortified"


"Mum? are we almost there?" I asked swinging my feet back and forth.
"Almost Luce" she smiled at me. her smile could cure anything, even if I was bored it made me happier.
"Ouch" I heard. a girl with long black hair rubbed her hair
"Say sorry dear, Luce- I mean Lucy..."
"Sorry miss" I apologized
"It's alright" she stood back up with a man helping her. the girl looked at me and smiled "so, Lucy is it?" I nodded my head "where are you going?"
"to my mums friends shop, it's the next stop" she stood back surprised
"We're going there too! well not the shop but that town"
"Really!" I said with amazement
"Yes, Derek here used to live there and, well I still do" I laughed at her when the man whispered in her ear. she turned back to me and said "we better get ready, see you Lucy!" she waved to me
"It's Jilo!" she yelled back"
"Bye Jilo!"

When we got there I had my little pink suit case, my mother had her channel medium one. I then heard someone shouting. so did mum. "..STUPID BRAT!" we heard someone shout.
"Let me just check this out Luce." she let go of my hand and we headed over in the direction of the shouting. When we got there they were gone. suddenly we heard a scream.
"NASHI!" I heard. we both ran to where it came from. I saw her, it was Jilo. The man she was with was moving some children away.
"Jilo?" I asked. she was in shock. the man was in front of the kids blocking my view, he was on the phone
" need to come down here now!" he shouted on the phone. he hung up and started talking to the kids. I couldn't see or hear them. my mother then screamed. I quickly spun in her direction. there was a body lying on the road. in the distance I heard sirens coming this way. I turned at my mum again. her eyes were almost popping out of her head.
"Mummy? what's wrong?" I asked going towards her. she faced me
"I-I-we sh-should go-o" she took my hand and directed me away. she was trembling. of course I knew that she was dead but I was too worried about my mum, I know what your thinking "talk about thinking about yourselves " but my mum was all I really had.
"Luce" she muttered to me
"Yes mum?" I asked
"Always make sure- make- make sure you can trust someone before you love them"
"Of course mummy"


"It must of been then." natsu grabbed me and held me. "I can't believe I was so close to you" I laughed at him
"I know" he then sat back like he was thinking "So since you love me... you trust me?"
"Of course I do, why wouldn't i?" I was nervous, I know realized I had to tell him about my nose. "look Natsu, it's, it's my father"
"He did this?" he pointed at my nose, I nodded.
"Basically he first of all softened me, telling me a story about how him and my mother met, ridiculous! he then told me to-" I remembered what he said about natsu
"To what"
"To- to break up with you"
"He wanted me to marry a boy so he could get his company back, I refused to."
"Why couldn't you tell me this?"
"I want to do the protecting for once! I want to not let you get hurt, these men are rich and powerful, I also want to protect..." I went silent
"Protect who?"
"Shiori" I said looking at him. he ran his hands through my hair
"I understand, but there is no harm in help" I nodded in agreement. the bell then rang. we had missed assembly. we both stood up wiping the dirt off of our clothing. "let's go" he took my had and we ran off. English first, with him as well.

When we got to class four people were standing at the front. "Natsu, Lucy, sit down" he instructed us. we took our seats. "alright everyone meet Sting from Saber Tooth high, Milliana from Mermaid Heel high and Lyon from Lamia Scale academy. Sting, Milliana, Lyon, this is your English class. now I don't expect you to know anyone bu-"
"Oh I do I do!" Milliana jumped up and down.
"You do?" mr Marco asked
"Yes! Lucy and Juvia are Erza's friends!"
"Alright then". then class wasn't anything interesting, just learning more English.

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