Chapter 15

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Jin's POV

So I left the house and got on my car, I didn't take the limousine since that was going to waste time.

I started driving and went to the hospital.

Then I went inside and went up to the counter.

"What I can I help you with?" A girl who worked there asked me.

"I need pads..." I said looking down.

The girl raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean by pads?"

"My girlfriend is on her period and she told me to buy her pads." I said awkwardly smiling.

Then she started laughing, "You really think we sell that at hospitals? Go to a pharmacy or supermarket. But your girlfriend is really lucky to have you."

I was so embarrassed, "I am so sorry!" Then I bowed and went to the car thinking, "Why would they sell that at hospitals! Pabo Jin!" I hit my forehead in frustration.

Then I drove to the nearest pharmacy.

I asked the cashier where they were and she pointed to isle 5.

I went there and there were different types of pads and different sizes. I was confused.

I bought the most expensive ones, I got 10 packs that had 30 pads each. "That is enough, right?" I thought to myself.

I brought them to the cashier and she looked at me a little fishy so I said, "These are for my girlfriend!" She raised one eyebrow and said, "$345, please." I passed my credit card and left the pharmacy.

"Why was she looking at me so weird!" I thought.

Then I went back home and went to my room. My parents were already sleeping so I tried to be quiet.

I knocked on the bathroom door and told her the pads were here.

Then she told me to come in and give them to her.

I did that and when I gave her the whole bag she opened her mouth and just stared at me.

"Jin.... what did you do?" I bit my lip and said, "Just be thankful okay, it's a long story!"

She started laughing, "Well thank you for an eternity worth of pads!"

I was still confused and left the bathroom.

Then she came out.

"Did I buy too much?" I asked her.

"Just a tiny bit." Then she hit me and said, "A smaller pack would of been fine pabo!"

Then I got defensive, "At least I got them for you, you know how embarrassed I felt?" Then she smiled at me, "I can only imagine!"

Then I went to the bathroom to wash myself up and went I came out she was already sleeping.

She looked so cute there so I gave her a kiss in the forehead and then I heard her whisper, "Stop making me fall in love with you, Jin. I don't want to get hurt."

I stood there shocked and went to bed. I could barely sleep because I kept thinking about what she said.

"Was she starting to like me?" I thought as I looked at her.

Then she rolled to her other side giving me her back.

Then I went to sleep.

Soomin's POV

I woke up with Jin next to me. I jumped a little bit but then I remembered everything that happened yesterday. I sighed looking at his good-looking face.

"How can he look so good sleeping?" I thought to myself and then went to the bathroom.

I washed myself up and put some nice clothes because I remembered his parents are here.

Then went I got out Jin was sitting on his bed.

"Ah Soomin, can I ask you something?" He said looking at me blushing.

"Sure!" I said smiling at him.

"Do you remember what you said yesterday at night?" I shook my head, "Sometimes I talk when I am sleeping."

"But... what did I say?" I asked biting my lip.

"Nothing important!" He quickly responded.

"Hopefully I didn't say anything embarrassing." I thought as I was grabbing my crutches to go downstairs.

I slowly went downstairs and Jin's mom was already there cooking breakfast.

"Good morning Soomin! How was your night?" She winked at me.

"Uh... good?" I said awkwardly smiling.

Then she signaled me to sit down at the table and I did.

Later Jin came downstairs too followed by his dad.

"My boys are here! Take a seat." Jin's mom said smiling.

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