Chapter 51

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I nod and Mia follows me up the stairs to my room. I kick off my boots and throw my leather jacket on the slowly growing pile of dirty laundry in the corner of my room.

"What's up?" I ask casually.

"Can I ask you about Taylor?"

"What about him?"

"Do you have any feelings for him?" She says looking around my room "like at all?"

"No- I mean he's my best friend but that's it"

"That's what I was afraid of"

"What do you mean?"

"Boys always fall for their best friends- it's a common trend among boys" she explains

"Well I'm not falling for him"

"Sky can you do me a favour?"

"Anything" I say politely.

"Can you like stay away from him for a bit?"

"What?" I splutter. Did she really just ask me that?

"Please, he's your best friend. Let him be happy- he's happy with me isn't he?"

"So you're saying I'm making him unhappy?"

"No you're just confusing him"

"I can't just not talk to him without giving him a reason" although I was planning to 'give him space' anyway.

"He only wants you because he knows he can't have you" She says "So either break up with Matt or stop talking to him"

"Mia- you're insane"

"You don't really think he'd want you if he could actually have a chance at getting you do you?"

"I'm not a piece of meat- no body 'gets' me"

"Whatever. So which is it going to be?"


"I swear you better do this for me or I'll make your life a living hell" she threatens, staring me down in the process "You know Jake right?"

"Yeah, the guy who doesn't even know I have a boyfriend but wants me. Oh isn't he also the guy who you dated but he fucked your best friend instead?" I say, the bitchy side of me shining through.

"He won't want you for long" She says "No one at that school will" She adds as she walks out of the room.

What a psycho girlfriend she is.

I don't bother to change my clothes for bed. Instead I just brush my teeth and climb into bed, falling asleep instantly.


"Sky. Time to get up" I open my eyes to see Matt towering over me. I smile just as he bends down and kisses me on the lips. He breaks away and stands up straight. He's shirtless (which is always a bonus). "Breakfast is downstairs"

"You do spoil me Matthew"

"Anything for my princess" he blows me a kiss and walks down stairs.

I roll out of bed and make my way over to my wardrobe. It looks wet and cold outside- not much different to English weather really. I find a chunky cream jumper and pair it with some dark skinny jeans along with my dark brown uggs. I wouldn't say it's ugg weather yet but they're just so god damn comfortable! I decide to tie my hair up because it's also very windy outside today. I put it in a high pony tail and grab my bag. I throw my history homework (which I was meant to be doing yesterday before it turned into a very heated make out session between Jake and Avery), my charger and phone along with the other school supplies that I always have already in my bag.

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