Chapter 14

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We were in the parking lot outside of the restaurant when Jin grabbed my hand and held it tightly.

"We can do this!" He said. I gave him a fake smile and we got inside.

The moment I walked in my jaw dropped. It was so beautiful. Then I saw a man wave to us and Jin started walking over there while I was struggling with my crutches.

"Hello son, how have you been?" His dad asked and Jin smiled, "Amazing dad! So this is my girlfriend" He pointed next to him but I was still trying to get over there.

"Oh I'm so sorry I forgot to help you." Jin said looking at me.

"It's alright!" I said smiling at his parents.

Then his mom looked at me up and down, "What happened sweetheart?" Then Jin spoke, "She had a little accident, but don't worry she will be fine!"

Then his mom started asking me some personal questions.

"Who are your parents? Where do you live? Are you planning on marrying Jin?"

I stood there shocked when Jin responded for me, "Mom none of that matters, okay? So can you please stop."

His mom rolled her eyes and said, "We can always call your ex-girlfriend, she's pretty and wealthy, unlike some people."

That would of hurt me if I was his real girlfriend but it was fine with me.

"Mom! Stop." Jin exclaimed and his dad looked at him.

"Let's just eat!" His dad said cutting his steak.

"Well why do you like Jin?" His mom asked and I almost choked on my food.

Then all three of them stared at me, then I looked at Jin who was more nervous than me.

"Well, your son is an amazing person, he is always there for you when you need him. He can be a little too confident but it's funny. He pays attention to detail and makes you have a good time. He is pretty inside and outside." I said biting my lip.

His mom smiled, "I thought him well didn't I?"

I nodded and then a girl came in.

"Jin! Baby! What are you doing?" I looked up and there was a pretty tall girl with a perfect body running towards us.

"I am not your boyfriend anymore, Eunhee!" Then she tried hitting me when some bodyguards stopped her.

Then his mom spoke, "Sorry Jin, I called her in case I didn't like your girlfriend. Sorry uh..." "Soomin" I said.

"Sorry Soomin. You can leave now Eunhee, sorry to bother you." His mom said awkwardly smiling.

Then she screamed, "Jin is going to be mine! No matter what!" Then she ran out and we all sighed.

"So that's the girl you wanted me to date, mom?" Jin asked laughing.

"Well I knew she had a little bit of attitude, but...." she said looking at me.

"I like Soomin a lot more!" She said smiling at me.

"Thank you Mrs. Kim!" I smiled back and Jin signaled me that we were leaving.

We said our goodbyes and I went to the car with his help.

Then we got in and he said, "Thanks for letting my mom like you!" I smiled, "Of course! Hopefully she doesn't love me too much for when we break up."

Then Jin stopped smiling and looked down.

"So who was that girl?" I asked trying to change the conversation.

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