I cant do titles for shit

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Today, 6:42

pleaseshutup: Can someone change my name back? It sounds mean :(

Feral: no

stopeatingsnails: I FOUND SOME SNAKE EGGS! 

tHiSiSbUlLsHiT: Yeah and you smashed one, which means you should probably leave them alone.

pleaseshutup: Is Gwen online?

Feral: she's still asleep

 pleaseshutup: Max can you please change my username :'(

Feral: please shut up

pleaseshutup: oh

pleaseshutup: So that's why that's my username

fanficreader: You just noticed??

pleaseshutup: Oh you're online now! Can you change my user? Only admins can D:

fanficreader changed pleaseshutup to David

Feral: dammit

Feral: wait a minute

Feral changed Ered to uncool

Feral changed Dolph to shotahitler

David: what's shota?

fanficreader: uh

A/N: I won't be very active because I've just started school and I already feel like this sucks, I'm really only doing this so I could write a certain scene that will come up later

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