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Last night, after the King and I took our walk around, I climbed into bed and fell asleep fairly quickly. I guess I really was tired. The sun wasn't up yet but I was, and I felt great. The clock told me that it was time to get out of bed and ready for breakfast. I looked at all of my clothing. What do I wear to breakfast. I sighed feeling defeated. Emma hummed outside my door. I walked into the hallway.
"Can I bother you for some help?"
"You are no bother at all Miss Leon." I smiled and grabbed her hand. She dragged behind me into my room.
"What do I wear to breakfast? Prince William picked it out yesterday." She smiled and grabbed a pair of pants and a shirt.
"If you don't mind me asking, why do you call Prince William, Hayes to when he's around but Prince William when he's not?" I sank into my bed.
"He's still royalty but he doesn't want me to address him as Prince William or even William. He likes going by Hayes, just Hayes. I respect the Princes wishes." She nodded and smiled at me.
"You're a wonderful young lady Miss Leon." I smiled softly at her.
"Thank you."
"I will leave you to get dressed." She bowed. Emma was almost at the door before I called to her.
"Emma?" She turned to face me. "Thank you." She nodded and closed the door behind her.

I walked out of the room to show Emma. Her eyes lit up.
"You look nice Miss Leon."
"Thank you Emma." She stood still with her back against the doorway. "Are we going to breakfast?"
"Not yet." Her eyes circled around me. I turned around. Hayes and Ben were walking towards us.
"Good morning." Hayes smiled.
"Good morning Hayes. Ben." Ben's face flickered with a smile.
"Good morning Miss Leon." I shivered a little.
"Please, both of you, call me Autumn." Emma and Ben nodded.
"It's a manner of respect?" Hayes turned his head slightly.
"I know but I'm not a princess. The only royalty I am, is a drama queen." Ben chocked on a laugh. I looked at him.
"I'm sorry, I'm not laughing."
"No, please do. I thought it was a decent joke." Prince Hayes was smiling from ear to ear.
"I think you're more than just a drama queen when it comes to royalty but that's neither here nor there." I licked my lips as I smiled. "Come on, breakfast." He turned. I thought he extended his arm but I pretended not to notice and just look around.
"I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at this castle."
"You say that now, imagine growing up here."
"No seriously, every time I look around I find something knew I hadn't noticed before." I shook my head in amazement. "This castle is too good to be true."
"You know this isn't all a dream." Hayes leaned in close. I glanced at him.
"Oh, no I know. If it was, you'd have three brothers for my best friends to marry." Ben snickered behind me. "Ben," I said without looking back at him. "I'm glad you find me so amusing."
"Not to speak plainly Miss Leon, but you are the breath of fresh air this castle needed." Emma complimented. I knew she didn't call me Autumn like I'd asked, but I also know old habits die hard.
"Thank you." I glanced back at her with a smile. The strangest thing happened. She gave me the most tender smile back. She wasn't one to really show emotions and that smile showed so many in one.

The dining room looked just like it did yesterday but different food. There were pancakes and sausage. My mouth watered at the smell of the blueberries.
"Good morning your majesties." I curtsied myself out of my food trance.
"Good morning darling." The Queen smiled. Hayes and I sat down.
"May I ask, what do you do for Christmas?" George, the chef served us our food. "Thank you." I said in passing as he put the food on my plate.
"We exchange gifts and celebrate as a family." My heart pined to be home. I missed my dad and my friends gravely. Of course, I knew this was only temporary, but still. Just because something isn't permanent, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt any less.
"That reminds me, what do you for Christmas?" Hayes asked me.
"Oh nothing. You have given me so much that money can't buy, I'm okay with just that." I played with my hair. "Plus I can't you anything." I said sheepishly.
"Well I don't need anything."
"Not the same." I assured him. "You'd give me a diamond and I'd give you a rock."
"Diamonds come from rocks."
"Not the point. I'm talking value wise." He sighed defeated.
"What if we did no gifts this year?" The Queen suggested. We all looked at her. "Autumn has a point, we have something money can't buy and tomorrow we should celebrate it." None of us spoke for some time.
"Please don't change your Christmas plans due to me." My voice came out 2 inches tall.
"Dear, it's not changing much, just a little." She held my gaze. "Please take it as a compliment darling."
"I just feel bad."
"A queen never fells bad for her choices if made in good faith." I pushed my brows together in confusion.
"I like the idea." King William added.
"No gifts it is." Hayes agreed. Guilt tugged at my heart but I smiled.

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