Chapter 25

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I found a dress on Hugh's bag of surprises. It was a white embroidered lace dress that settled just above my knee. It had a ¾-sleeve that was all lace and it showed a bit of skin on my shoulders. It was elegant and I really loved it. This was the only piece of clothing that wasn't underwear.

My hair was down and just clipped one side with a floral hair clip. It took me a long time to get ready since Pierce couldn't keep his hands to himself. He had forced me to wear some of the lingerie that Hugh gave as a present, finally convincing me to try on the white lace bra set.

"I look ridiculous!" I yelled from the bathroom where I tried one of the sets that Hugh had given me.

Pierce came barging into the doorway, busy with fixing his tie. He looked up and froze when he saw me. His eyes were intensely gazing at my body in awe. Stepping closer, he grazed his fingers onto the length of my arm which sent an electrifying feel to my insides.

"Better than I imagined." Turning me around so I could face him, he then showed me his seductive smile.

Without noticing, his hands made its way onto the hook of my bra then unlocked it. I gasped in surprise when he had successfully removed the bra off my arms. Knowing what he was up to, I let him lead and control me.

He pulled me closer, circling his hands around my waist so he could lean in to capture my lips. It was an automatic response to kiss him back. He carried me out of the bathroom, not once breaking contact. When he carefully laid me on the bed, I was already anticipating his next move.

I reached for the buttons of his dress shirt. Too much clothing was in the way. The temperature had risen when my plea to be touched had reached its peak. Pierce was still kissing me but his hand went south to check if I was ready, dripping wet for him. He then started to make circular motions to arouse me even more. I bucked up to heighten the pleasure. Moaning through the kiss, Pierce had positioned himself and I could already feel him. But before we could go any further, he reached for a condom from his side table drawer.

No words were exchanged, just two beating hearts dancing in perfect sync. His thrusts were rough but it only prompted me to feel everything, to feel him. The only screams that could be heard were our names which only intensified the pleasure that we were both giving each other.

When we both reached a climax, Pierce had collapsed on top of me, snuggling through the crook of my neck. I could feel his heavy breathing as I could also feel my heart beating way too fast. As we had calmed ourselves, I reminded him about the party. We were now running a little late.

"I would rather stay here with you." He mumbled sleepily.

"You promised your friend that you would be there. Get up." I chuckled with difficulty, feeling his weight on top of me.

He tried to move, only to feel his arousal on my thigh. "No more, we need to go." I scolded.

"Olive." He groaned as he tried to seduce me back to bed.

As much as I wanted him again, I needed to control myself so we would be able to make it to the party. I kissed him one last time before I got off the bed to change. He had pouted like a four year old boy until we reached Charles' office.

It was New Year's Eve. We would be welcoming another year in a couple of hours. Pierce and I came back from our trip the other day. It had been like a dream with him. Things had been different but I welcomed it. He was being a complete gentleman and was uncontrollably sweet with me.

I was standing in a corner as I observed the people socializing with their own cliques. As you can tell, we were at Charles' New Year Eve's party that was held in his spacious office. Pierce was talking to Charles and a few businessmen a few feet away. I had said my greetings and excused myself to settle beside the cocktail buffet. I didn't want to hear them purely talking about business. I was here on vacation. I didn't need to hear any of that stuff. Besides, it wasn't even related to Alexander Corporation.

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