Extraordinary Ordinary Part 4

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I all but wrestle my way out of the staff room away from all of the excited questions of my colleagues. Lauren has already asked to come to my lavish celeb studded wedding. I only have the walk to the front entrance to try and gather my thoughts. What am I going to say? Has he come to give me a piece of his mind? Oh God, my hands are starting to shake. I clutch the strap of my handbag with both hands to try and keep them steady. Angry Mr Hollywood is watching me as I approach the door.

Well here goes.

'So you decided to show up?

At least he made it easy for me. Wren defensive mode activated.

'Not like you gave me much choice, you came to where I work. Isn't it me who should be stalking you?'

'Girls stalk me more often than they stand me up.'

'To stand you up I would have to agree to meet up with you in the first place.'

'Was it too much trouble to tell me that you weren't coming?'

'Was it too much trouble to actually ask me to come? You just assumed that I would be falling over my feet to have dinner with you, you didn't even stay on the line after you ordered me to meet you.'

As I was finishing that last sentence a sleek black jaguar with tinted windows pulled up in front of us.

Adrian opened the back door and said;

'Please get in.'

This is too weird. I am arguing with a megastar about the technicalities of standing him up and now he wants me in the back seat of his car.


He sighs before pointing behind me. I look in the direction he is pointing in and see a man in a parked car further down the street with a huge camera, the type that looks like a telescope, pointed right at us.

Rolling my eyes I try to gracefully get into the car. Adrian shuts the door on me and comes around to the other side. He fastens his seat belt and presses a button on his door and says;

'China Buffet King.' The car lurches into motion.

Who does he think he is?

I find the same little black button on my side.

'Stop. I want to get out.'

Nothing happens, we are still moving.

Defensive Wren mode is replaced by Ultra pissed-off Wren mode.

I turn to Mr Big-shot who is currently giving me a dazzling grin which is half triumphant and half sheepish.

'Let me out of this car.'

'I will, at China Buffet King.'

He really thinks that he has the right to just wiz me around town on a whim.

I dig around in my bag for my phone. Robyn is on speed dial. She will still be at work but she knows that I wouldn't call her at work unless it was serious. Adrian is watching me in amusement. Robyn answers on the third ring.

' Robyn, call the police, Adrian Axell is kidnapping me, call the newspapers too.' I'm staring at him as I say this and I watch as the stupid grin melts off of his face, he's gone white. He presses his button and tells the driver to stop.

Robyn is still on the line firing questions at me but I can't resist scaring Adrian a little more.

'My sister does the hair of three well known journalists, it would take her less than a minute to call one of them up...'

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