23. A Sensual Dream

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Samara's confused gaze dropped at the notebook in my hand.

"Hey, what's up?" I tried to talk to her.

Her furrowed eyebrows got relax as she looked up at my face.

Instead of replying, she grabbed my wrist and began dragging me to her room.

She took me to her room and locked the door. I pulled my hand from her grip.

"What was that, Samara?

She crossed her arms on her chest, "You tell me. Are you trying to seduce my man?"

I sighed in disbelief.

From where she got that crazy idea?

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't try to be smart with me. What were you doing in his study at this time of the night?" She uncrossed her arms.

"He was just helping me with my college work."

She let out a chuckle in scornful manner, "I can't believe this. He was so angry at you before. When did you guys get so close that he started calling you in his study?"

I wanted to laugh at her doubts right now. She was considering me a threat when Ashar couldn't even endure my presence.

Ugh. What an impulsive and imprudent woman!

"Samara, you're exaggerating. I'm getting out of here." I said blankly and began to leave.

She surely knew how to get on someone's nerve.

"I'm warning you, Sanaya. Stay away from him. Don't forget you're going to leave this house soon."

Her words stopped me from moving further.

I turned around, "Don't be so immature. If you can't make Ashar yours, do not blame me because I haven't done anything yet. It's your actions that pushed him away from you, not me."

Samara's selfishness was provoking me to turn my back to her. I could not anymore keep my heart clean for her. Out of all, she shouldn't the one to doubt on me because she knew everything.

"Watch your mouth." Her jaw clenched, "Ashar is going to forgive me and remember that he wanted to marry me."

She raised her index finger at me, "I know it's my mistake that I brought you in his life, but now I couldn't trust you after knowing that you grew up in an orphanage and have no blood relatives. You could be thinking you found a treasure or something."

My blood began boiling up. My vision got blurry as my eyes filled with water.

"Don't provoke me to stand against you. Remember, I have an upper hand right now. I'm his legal wife." I threatened her.

Her eyes widened in shock. 


Today was my assignment submission day. I was in the class right now, waiting for my turn to present my work to the teacher.

"One by one report your assignment to the class and summarized what you had learned from the business owners." The instructor announced.

I was distracted a little as Samara's nasty allegations clouded my head. I couldn't believe she could think so low of me.

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