Chapter 14 - Sexy

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The next morning, Jo wakes up slowly. She opens one eye and sees the place next to her empty. She sits up fast and looks around the room, seeing Dart sitting at her feet with a smile. "Morning curly, breakfast is served." On the table are croissants, fruit, coffee and orange juice. Jo gets up and walks over there, grabbing Dart's T-shirt from last night and putting it on. She goes for the coffee first and enjoys it with her legs pulled under her on the couch. Dart takes a bite from a croissant and then turns to her: "Thanks for setting my alarm last night. Woke up before it and decided to order some breakfast for us. Since I will be gone most of the day, I figured we could at least have breakfast together." Jo looks at her watch and knows he will be gone in 30 minutes and then Dirk will come over. She gets a bit nervous and takes another sip of her coffee. "I am going to jump in the shower and get ready, you eat something, love." He kisses her forehead and walks off to the bathroom. Jo decides to try and shake off her nervousness and picks up a croissant. She takes a bite, walking over to the bathroom to lean against the door frame, to watch the man of her dreams shower. He sings some silly love song about falling in love with a girl, with red hair with a curl. She smiles and stays right where she is, eating her croissant, as he closes the tap and steps out of the shower. He looks up at her with a surprised look for a split second, but quickly treats her to a wide smile. He walks over to kiss her, pulling her close, making her wet all over. He steps back and looks at her with a very proud look. Jo looks down and sees why he is so happy with himself. The T-shirt sticks to her breasts and became see-through. If he was hoping she would get embarrassed, he is dead wrong. She shrugs and takes it off, tossing it aside, takes off her panties and walks over to the shower. She turns it back on and leaves the shower door open, starting with undoing the braid in her hair. He stands there, frozen in place and stares at her with his mouth open. She washes her body slowly, bending and turning, looking at him with a wicked smile. "You are going to be late mister, if you keep staring like that." He closes his mouth with his hand and opens the cold water tap at the sink to splash his face. Jo laughs and closes the shower door and sings loudly: "I put a spell on you, because you're mine!" When she gets out of the shower, it's Dart in the door frame with a smile. He wraps her in a towel and kisses her deeply. "I have to go now, love. Know I'll be thinking of you during all those interviews and other boring stuff." Jo kisses him and says: "Oh I know you will. I will think of you too. Now run off, before I drop my towel." She laughs as he runs out quickly, yelling: "Byeeee!"

Jo braids her hair and puts on a bathrobe, eating some fruit as she waits for Dirk. There's a happy knock at the door and Jo opens it quickly. And Dirk walks in with his arms full of stuff, followed by a woman with a friendly, round face. Jo smiles at them and Dirk places all the stuff on the bed, turning to her and looking her over. "A professional model already. Freshly showered and not covered in make-up. Just the way we like it, right Monica?" The woman, looks Jo over and moves closer to look at her face. "And a beautiful face to work with too." Jo blushes a little, but doesn't feel uncomfortable with these two people. Dirk walks some things over to the bathroom and tells Monica to put her make-up things there too. "Jo, you can get dressed in the bathroom with Monica. We start with whatever feels comfortable to you and see where it takes us. I am sure you will look gorgeous whatever we do. We will just take a lot of pictures and pick the one you like most." Jo nods in agreement and joins Monica in the bathroom, sitting down on the chair Monica put there.

"Well Jo, let's discuss some things first. How do want your make-up to be? I am thinking pretty natural, just enhancing what is already there, long lashes, shiny lips and your hair out of that braid." Jo thinks for a second and then says: "I want to start with the shirt buttoned up, a loose tie on, hair in a braid, glasses on...and then eventually end with well...looking like I just had sex." Monica nods and winks at her. Dirk speaks from the other side of the door: "We get you Jo. It will be great and it will kill Dart." He laughs and tells her to get ready. Monica does her magic and Jo stares at her own reflection, stunned by her own beauty. Getting more confident by the second. She walks out of the bathroom in her bathrobe, and Dirk whistles. Jo winks at him and rummages through her suitcase, pulling out a deep red, lace body stocking and quickly returns to the bathroom. She puts it on, shirt over it, loose tie around her neck and slides her feet into the stiletto heels. She winks at herself in the mirror and walks out to Dirk, swaying her hips. Dirk gives her a thumbs up and tells her to pose in front of the window, taking a few shots to check them on the camera. "The light is great right now. Just keep moving, thinking about your man and seducing him, turning your head towards the light coming from the window." Jo nods and takes on various poses, Dirk cheering her on with every shot. She unbuttons the shirt halfway and lets it slide over her shoulders, moving into a few more poses. Eventually Dirk stops for a second and asks her to take the braid out. Monica comes over and helps her out, messing her hair up and Dirk yells: "Hell yes! That is awesome Jo. That is some sexy hair." Jo feels encouraged, undoing all the buttons of the shirt and taking off her glasses. Dirk, gets more excited by the minute and even Monica chimes in.

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