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Keira's breathe came up short as she closed her eyes and tried to focus on anything but the pain. She was doing this for herself. It's for the best. She chanted those over and over again when suddenly by a brutal force she was knocked off her balance and soon she was flying towards the wall.

Just when she was about to hit her head, she was frozen in her mid-fall. Opening her eyes, she was startled to see Lex looking at her with disappointment. She knew what she asked him to do but it felt like every time he tried to hurt her, some unknown force was just holding him back. Or, she would be face-planting on the wall right now.

"Little soul, you're focusing on the pain, not on your intention. You want to hurt me, kill me even. But if you hesitate, then the only thing you will be left with is a bruised body or worse getting the risk of being killed." Lex stated as if she didn't know that. So, to prove him wrong without flinching like other times, she uncoiled her fist and lunged at him. She must've surprised him because he let out a groan at the pressure she used to drag him near the ground. Just as she managed to slam his body halfway to the wall, her hand froze in panic.

Oh, hell...there went the hesitation again.

"Are you afraid to hurt me, sweetheart?" He mocked quickly backtracking her attack. She was breathing harshly but she didn't care as she tried to wiggle her way out.

"Never!" She countered but even she knew better than to judge his fighting skills. Just as she said that she was on her back with a knife pressed against her neck, his back flashed against her in a tight embrace.

"Gotcha." He whispered letting her go. Sighing loudly at her pathetic fighting skills, she dropped on the floor. 


Alex= 1, Keira= 0

" dear poor little soul! Admit it. You can't hurt me..." He singsonged looking at her with a smirk. His smugness was really starting to irritate her though. But then again when it didn't?

'When he kisses you,' her subconscious reminded her but she blocked that thought before a blush could permanently found home on her face.

"I can and I will..." She tried to call her force and failed, miserably of course. Darn it! She was ready to burn this house to ashes. 

Lex raised an eyebrow standing near her as she tried again...and again to use her energy barriers. After her eighth try, he put a hand on her shoulder in a mocking matter. "There, there. All good now. No need to stress. No use of a spell or no ritual, I asked only for that. You promised it'll be only hand on hand."

"That time I didn't know I was fighting with a giant elephant!" She snapped in frustration.

" hurt my ego! Now you're so gonna pay for it." Giving a war cry he threw her on his shoulder.

"Put me down, you jerk!"

Apparently, Dalton and Lex talked about her mother and they came to this issue of Keira never fighting like a human. It was true though. Even when she was in Red clan, the only time she truly fought was when someone tried to hurt a little girl. She wasn't in the age to learn spells and she was as useless in that department. So, she took a walking stick and rammed it into that woman's head. She believed adrenaline helped her fight that time but what gave it guaranty that it would help her now? And, that was also her first and last time fighting so it's not like she could depend on something she did years ago.

That was the exact reason Lex just came banging on her door that particular day and asked for a hand on hand fight with small weapons. He said it'll help her against her mother if by any chance her powers went dormant. And after three hours of fighting, he was still thinking about his ego!

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