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"We're extremely grateful to be able to host this dinner with you tonight," King Jeon stated, lifting up glass to propose a toast. This earned him smiles of approval from the guests who repeated his actions, keeping their own glasses raised as they waited for him to continue speaking. "We'll be hosting a ball to commemorate your arrival into our kingdom in two days time. The engagement between Jennie and Jungkook has to be a celebrated event."

The youngest Prince swallowed the lump which had formed in his throat due to his father's words, although he forced himself to muster a polite smile, nodding in agreement at the King. However in the inside, Jungkook was burning with rage. He couldn't fathom the thought of enduring a ball in his honour of marriage, let alone the reality of his future bride being the girl sitting in front of him. Immediately from the hour they'd spent together at dinner, Jungkook wanted nothing more than to depart from the company he'd been forced into. There was simply nothing interesting about Jennie, and the fact the boy couldn't remove the image of Taehyung from his mind didn't help him in the slightest.

"I can't believe you've managed to stay quiet for this long," Yoongi whispered into his brother's ear as the two Kings resumed their conversation about the upcoming plans for the marriage.

Jungkook only set his jaw straight, clenching his fists underneath the table. He could feel the back of his neck growing hot with sheer frustration as he found it almost unbearable to watch his own father planning his future without any care in the world about how he felt.

"Father," Jungkook interrupted suddenly, standing up from his chair. "This dinner has been absolutely entertaining, but me and Yoongi have to prepare for the hunt commencing tomorrow. With your permission."

The boy's emphasis on the word was clearly oozing with sarcasm, although no one apart from his brother and King Jeon seemed to catch onto the fact Jungkook would rather be anywhere but that table.

"Very well. You're excused," the King said, managing to shoot Jungkook a patronising glare before anyone else noticed, silently ordering his son to bid Jennie farewell, since he knew his son wouldn't dream of doing so without being asked.

"I couldn't ask for better company," Jungkook murmured, before fixating his stare at Jennie, whose cheeks visibly darkened at being under the Prince's firm gaze. "Goodnight, Jennie."

Yoongi stood up immediately, muttering a hasty "goodbye" to Hoseok, before following his younger brother's lead as the two left the courtroom. Both had developed headaches during dinner, and couldn't wait to be free from the company they'd surrounded themselves in unwillingly.

Once the guards opened the doors for the duo to leave the main hall, Jungkook and Yoongi let out heavy sighs, exchanging darkened looks between the two of them.

"I thought I'd physically throw up halfway through," Jungkook stated as an expression of disgust washed over his facial features. "She's so boring, Yoongs. I'm serious."

The elder only nodded in agreement, feeling intense pity for his brother. "At first I thought the reason you'd gone quiet was because you'd finally felt attraction towards her," Yoongi snorted, shaking his head in amusement. "But that was before I realised she's too dry for anyone to even like her."

Jungkook bit his bottom lip harshly at his brother's words, his mind immediately going back to the blue-haired boy from earlier. He didn't know exactly what he felt towards him, but he was well aware that he wanted to discover more about the servant.

"I need to sleep and forget all of this," the younger mumbled, massaging his temples as he did so. "Besides, Jimin's probably missing you. Go to him before I tell him how much Hoseok was flirting with you," Jungkook continued, wearing a cocky smirk.

"Don't go there," Yoongi warned, giving his brother a shove. "Don't mistake flirting for someone being sociable, even though I wouldn't expect you to even know what being friendly means."

"You seem defensive, don't you?" the Prince taunted, before letting out an ignorant laugh as he began walking over towards the direction of his own chambers, leaving Yoongi standing in the corridor. "See you tomorrow, brother."

Yoongi only shook his head at Jungkook, going off to find his own boyfriend moments later as he disliked the fact he'd been away from him for more than three hours. As the Princes went in their opposite directions, Jungkook was finally left alone to his own thoughts, which consisted of only one person.

Kim Taehyung.

Jungkook found it strange how he was so drawn towards the stranger, despite not even talking with him once. He doubted Taehyung had even looked his way once, since he'd rushed out seconds after entering, after successfully annoying his King sufficiently.

But then again, Jungkook didn't quite understand why his mind was plagued with the servant. Internally, he scolded himself for feeling so interested in him. After all, Taehyung was a mere servant and Jungkook was a Prince. Somehow, his own self reminded himself of his own brother who started off with a harmless infatuation with Park Jimin, which had developed into the Prince asking the boy out months later.

Yet Jungkook knew he was different to Yoongi. For starters, he wasn't even attracted to boys. He'd never felt remotely attracted to hardly anyone in the past, however the idea of him being with a man felt so unnatural to him, that he knew he must like girls.

As the Prince finally reached his bedroom door, he let out a muffled yawn, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. Before he even thought about approaching Taehyung, he needed to sleep for a sufficient number of hours, since the dinner had completely drained every fibre in his body and he wanted nothing more than his mind to be cleared of all thoughts which were continuing to completely stress him out.

Yet, the Prince knew what he'd do tomorrow as his curiosity was far too great for him to resist it. Despite the fact that the sheer amount of interest he felt towards the servant boy scared him in some way, as he couldn't understand why he felt like that in such a short space of time, he knew he'd approach Taehyung tomorrow, and find out who the mysterious blue-haired boy really was.

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