Chapter 4- The News! ❤️

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I open my eyes, to be met with the bright lights and the beeping of the machine next to me

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I open my eyes, to be met with the bright lights and the beeping of the machine next to me. My body is weak and I can hardly keep my eyes open. A nurse comes in and asks me how I am. I respond with a thumbs up, and a pain shoots through my left wrist. She comes over and carefully puts my arm down.

"The X-ray is open now, we need to take you down to have a scan on your!" She says as she takes the hospital bed of its breaks. I nod and she starts to wheel the bed down the corridor to x-ray.

I am brought to the x-ray room and laid down on a cold, metal table. My wrist of the the side, the x-ray pictures are done very quick and I'm back in my room in 40 minutes. I am eating an ice lolly when a nurse from reception comes in, I look at her confused and she comes up and sits on a chair next to my bed.
"Sweetie, your.....mother did not make it." she says looking down. I swear my heart skips a beat, and my head is pounding. Tears start to form in my eyes as she gets up and rubs my arm. She keeps telling me it's OK, but my whimpers overtakes the sound. She keeps rubbing my arm and I just sob. She can't be gone, she was all I had and I can't live without her. By now, my ice lolly is on my tray and nearly melted. My throat feels like it is tightening and my head feels like it is going to explode. My heart is beating out of my chest, I can hear the beeping getting faster and louder.

About 30 minutes of me crying I fall asleep, still sobbing and whimpering, my eyes close and I let sleep take me. Hoping this day was just a Dream.

I wake up, with tears on my face. Suddenly every thing comes flooding back, I'm alone in this world with no one to turn too. Who will look after me? I know, I can look after myself but legally I'm not. I'm only 14, I'm not ready to live on my own yet. I'm snapped out of my thoughts when a doctor came in. He sat down in a chair.
"Hello, I'm Dr. Day!" He says as he extended his arm. I reach for it with my rights arm and shake it, he leans forward and looks at my left wrist.
"I looked at your X-rays and it seems you have a very small fractures in two places in your wrist, which means that you will not need a cast but a strong support, a nurse will come in soon to wrap it up for you!" He says as he stands up, I thank him and he walks out. About 25 minutes later a nurse walks in and wraps my wrist up in a black support, I thank him and he nods, I'm left on my own again until someone else from reception comes in and sit down in the same chair the other people had sat in. I roll my eyes, but make sure she can't see me.
"Since you have no guardian right now, your father is taking custody of you! He will be here in about 2 days, and we can't let you leave without him!" she says. I look at her and then look of into the distance, I have not seen my father in 7 years, I'm not even going to get started on my brothers! She leaves, but I don't say anything. I'm too shocked. He has not been here for 7 years and now he thinks he can just come into my life and care for me. That's not how it works and I refuse to forgive him straight away.


This part has got alot of different things happen but I wanted to make a long chapter as I feel bad for not posting yesterday! As I said I was busy and there was no way I could have posted! But I hope you like the story so far and do not forget to vote - PurpleSlothStories❤️

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