A fellow maids duty of generosity

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As I fell right into Rosie's arms she gasped, she had heard the armor clinking and put her ear up to the door. Apparently the giggling and a couple of moans were heard from our chambers and she struggled to sleep at all. She gasped as I fell right into her arms after the guard directed me inside, the guard frowned to Rosie as she looked up taken aback at him. "What happened?" Rosie asked frantically to the guard who looked at my slightly limp form who Rosie was struggling to support as I groaned into her shoulder. Rosie knew something had happened during the ball when Megan had been dragged out and hadn't shown for dinner but she had never expected this."She had received punishment from Prince Loki miss" He said firmly almost with a hint of disgust at the word punishment, Rosie gasped not expecting the punishment to result in this and thinking there was another cause but nodded and thanked the guard.

Meanwhile, Loki had overheard the entire thing and furrowed his brows, had he really been so careless? he thought to himself. But Sigyn's cold laugh snapped him out of his thoughts as he watched the guard descend back down the golden halls with another nod to Rosie. "How pathetic is she? what a useless wench" Sigyn said coldly spitting out the words harshly, at this Loki frowned at her. "Leave." he said coldly and Sigyns eyes widened a fraction before she gasped "you can't be serious" she bellowed standing in the middle of the hall looking at him in bewilderment. "I said leave" Loki hissed and she scoffed "fine, you know where to find me" she said seductively but with sass then turned on her heel stalking off the other way.

After she stalked off Loki looked back down the hall to see Rosie peering out wide-eyed, they made brief eye contact for a moment before Rosies face paled and her head darted back around where it had stuck out from. With a heavy sigh, Loki walked down toward his maid's chambers ad heard shuffling inside, a whimper and a groan and he felt his heart tighten at the sounds knowing just who they were coming from. "I need to get you to the bath Megan, come on" Rosie scolded lightly "Everythings... too...numb" He heard Megan pant out. "sleep..." she groaned and with that Loki knocked on the chamber doors, it wasn't long before Rosie opened them and looked up at the prince.

But he was shocked to see they held everything but respect for him. "what do you want?" she snapped frowning up at him "I came to-" he was cut off "apologize? well, she doesn't need it, she's been through quite enough today and now she is not feeling well so I suggest you leave us be" Rosie sneered at the prince. But the prince before her shut his mouth, he wasn't angered by his other maid, if anything he understood her rage and sighed. "please I can help-" he started but was cut off by a grumble from behind Rosie in the darkroom. 

"I don't want it. Please leave prince Loki" Megan grumbled but it was weak and hoarse as it came from the very dimly illuminated room. He felt his lungs tighten not only at her words but the vulnerability of them. What have I done? he thought to himself. He wasn't thinking and was only snapped out of his thoughts when the door before him closed with a slight bang. 

He sighed pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger, reluctantly he turned on his heel and stalked back to his room left to his own guilt and overwhelming dread.

I was laying on the bed my back on the soft comfort of the silk sheets when Rosie scrambled from the door and hoisted me up and I groaned in annoyance. "Sleep" I murmured into her shoulder as she heaved me along, "you are caked in mud Megan, sleep after your clean" she scolded and I would have rolled my eyes had I had the energy to do so. "Fine" I muttered and she let me sink to the bathroom floor gently as she turned and ran a bath filled with rose scents.

I let the smells hit my nose as I breathed in deep exhaling heavily and Rosie turned to me with a look of pity. "Come on now" she said as she undid my suffocating corset from behind helping me to unclothe. We had both practiced this anyhow with our mothers as had all maids before signing up for the job, the first thing you need to get over with is the embarrassment of undressing another for if you are requested to you may end up undressing a royal. It was something no maid could or should slip up on so her helping me to undress was no big deal for either of us. I was clearly far too weak to even lift my hand enough to reach a clasp. 

She lifted the dress remnants over my head and moved them to the side as her hands wrapped under my arms as she softly dragged me to the bath. I groaned and she kept apologizing but I shook it off as she lifted me into the warm water. It stung and zapped almost as my cold skin made contact with the hot water but eventually I moaned in content at the warm feeling ingulfing my frozen skin and I sunk into it flowers floating around me.

Rosie let out a tired laugh "I will go and fetch you a nightgown, don't you dare drown on me" she scolded teasingly and I let out a hoarse laugh in response. She left the bathroom fetching a fresh nightgown from our shared wardrobe and placed it on the nearby sink ledge. She walked behind me and began washing my hair with shampoos and soaps to clean out all of the dirt that had matted into it. After she combed all of the knots and dirt from it she put it into a loose plat and came to the side of the tub tending to my wrists. 

They were red and inflamed from the grip of the rope on them so she turned and looked through a cabinet finding a cream to apply onto them. She did so and bandaged them in white clean bandages undoing the ones on my knuckles as they were healed enough. My lower back no longer required the bandage so it was removed also. 

Eventually, when all the dirt was gone from my body Rosie helped me out of the warm confinements of the bathwater and helped to dry me off in a soft fluffy towel even though I basically put all my weight into her as I couldn't stand properly. I guess lying on a muddy floor in the pouring rain for hours on end does that to you, I would say I wouldn't know but unfortunately, I do.

I grimaced at the aches and cramps pulling in my limbs as Rosie helped to drag/attempt to move me to my bed. The white sheets looked so divine and inviting now more than ever before as soon as Rosie lay me down I sunk into a deep sleep before she could even get another word in.

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