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Dimitri tried to play it off and snarl, but there was a faint tremor that he couldn't hide. His heart was pumping frantically, something that felt so familiar to him, yet so foreign at the same time.

"W-what." Dimitri, shocked, let out an uncharacteristic stutter. He swiftly recovered. "What are you playing at?" he snarled. "If you're trying to catch me off guard, it isn't working."

Byleth took a step forward, backing the blond into the wall. His hand never once left the blond's locks.

"Think about it," Byleth said, his breaths sending puffs of air on Dimitri's sensitive neck.

It was all the blond could do not to push the other away.

How long had it been since he'd last let someone close to him? How long had it been since he last felt someone's touch without any malicious intentions?

"What do you think you're doing as a dead person? How are you going to get your revenge? How will a dead person know what Edelgard is doing?" Byleth murmured, sending all sorts of shock through the prince.

Dimitri's eyes were guarded, untrusting. "Do not mention that woman's name!"

Byleth continued like he couldn't hear him. "Dying means that you've already lost all your ambition. Is that what you want? A dead person couldn't possibly fathom what she's planning."

Dimitri fought him, but Byleth only tightened his grip. Then, without warning, he bit down on the smooth expanse of neck that was bared to him.

Dimitri gasped, unable to stop himself. The hand that had been about to use the lance to force back the Professor loosened of its own accord, his hand bunching in the green-haired man's cloak.

The prince snarled, feeling vulnerable and bare. The sharp of his Professor's teeth were sunk into his flesh, the blood pumping through his veins.

At this moment, Dimitri felt like prey that had it's delicate trapped in a predator's maw, about to be devoured. The shudders were coming stronger now. In waves, even.

Then, just as he was about to put his thoughts back into order and try to think about what the Professor had been telling him – to try and make sense about what was happening – Byleth released his teeth, running a hot tongue over the mark.

Dimitri released a choked off sound.

Byleth all but purred, sucking a mark into the blond's neck.

His other hand wasn't idle either, tugging the blond's waist closer towards him. Byleth pressed flush against Dimitri. Unfortunately, both of them were still wearing their armour, which meant that Byleth didn't have as many spots to make Dimitri lose his mind.

At first, Byleth had not been planning on giving Dimitri much time to think, but he didn't think that he needed to worry now.

Dimitri was already making low, broken, keening sounds just from his neck being played with.

Dimitri was leaning into his touch, as if he couldn't get enough. Though it should have been mind-blowingly hot, Byleth's heart ached at another piece of evidence that the blond was touch starved, and likely had been for a while now.

Adding another two marks onto the fair neck, Byleth finally stepped back a bit, but did not relinquish his hold on Dimitri. The blonde didn't even try to fight back once, which had been beyond his expectations.

It kindled a low flame of hope that Dimitri still held a semblance of his earlier feelings for himself.

"What do you say, Dimitri?" Byleth breathed into his ears.

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