Energized: The Florist and Chemist by @EmJ_Iron8

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"After you change, no one else will understand. They'll be afraid. Change is terrifying." - Cal

> 1983 <

"Marstiller, there is no need to be afraid. We are here for you." A kind voice called out from the darkness. The Kindness appeared before him with a warm smile. Ready to embrace him.

The Chemist inhaled sharply and rubbed his face. He was shaking and put a hand over his mouth. "I didn't think, it'd be like this..." He mumbled.

"Please, let us in." The Asian woman pleaded with the young and terrified man.

"Jiaying no! I'll hurt you!" His eyes glowed with anger and determination. Electricity danced between his fingers.

"You won't." The Russian woman admitted to him. She looked normal to the untrained eye, but she was far stronger than any normal person.

His eyes softened when seeing his beloved. "Eva... please don't..." The Russian, Eva, looked to the Kindness. She nodded.

Eva went to him and hugged him. Marstiller broke down and hugged her.

> 1985 <

"Trim the ends. They're dead." A woman asked her daughter, the Florist, with her broken English.

The Florist nodded and trimmed the ends off the flower buds. When walking close to them, the flowers perked up and came to life.

Not a moment too soon, the bell on the flower shop rang. Which signaled that customers were coming in.

The young Florist walked over to the couple. "Я могу вам помочь?" The young man looked to his partner for a translation.

"She asked 'Can I help you?' " The Chemist nodded from his partner's translation. He was a quick learner, but the Florist spoke too fast for him.

""Да. Какие твои самые популярные цветы?" The Russian, Eva, asked.

The Florist noticed The Chemist confused expression. "Roses. We have them." The Florist managed to say. She lead them to the roses and smiled when they perked up at her presence. She touched them and they sprang to life.

The Chemist, Marstiller, looked to his partner. They knew she was special like them, but didn't recognize her.

"Buy?" The Florist asked.

"Мы возьмем их в упаковке." Eva requested. Looking back on the memory, Marstiller knows that Eva wanted the flowers wrapped up. If only he knew of the tragedy to befall the Florist, he would've stayed to protect her.

> 1989 <

"First and last name for the record." A police officer requested.

The Florist was shaken and didn't know what else to do, so she complied. "Jenesis Krasoff." She stated for them. Jenesis watched them write it all down.

"Okay, we're going to take you down to the station." He said.

"What, am I being arrested!?" She exclaimed. She wanted to run away, but knew they would hunt her down. Jenesis looked to the blood stains on the floor, the last place she saw her parents.

"Unfortunately, you're the only one found at the scene of the crime and your DNA...." He explained, but Jenesis couldn't hear them.

She was trapped in her own mind and didn't feel them put the cuffs on her. She didn't remember the ride to the station and having them take her picture. All she remembered was the cold hard seat of the bench.

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