Six Shots by @WhiteFangedRose

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"We're going to die, you know that right?" Sonia said peeking out from the rock they hid behind for cover. "Are you complaining? You liked my plan before that alarm went off." The hunter vanguard replied while flinching when he noticed a plasma shot almost hit him in the shoulder. "And besides, sundance is the one who tripped it." The exo pointed at his companion hovering next to him. "In all honesty Cayde, how was I supposed to know the vult was boobytrapped?" She sassed. Making Cayde roll his eyes and duck for cover again. "OKAY! Okay! We need to stop bickering!" Sonia peered out again, rather sure she wouldn't be shot at this time. Seeing the white goddess statue, she checked her revolver. "Six shots." She whispered to herself. She turned to Cayde. "How much you got left?" Cayde jerked his revolver to the side, counting the bullets in the barrel. "Eight. How many are out there?" He seemed excited but equally passive about the whole idea of coming out from behind cover with hardly a full handcannon. "Theres gotta be about thirty of them." She hid from the oncoming fire. "Better not miss a shot then." Cayde leaned over and gave a quick peck to her helmet covered cheek. He sprung up, vaulting over the large boulder. Sonia didn't quite know how to take the little kiss. "That idiot." She smiled and said under her breath, and following close behind.

The rush of combat filled Cayde's circuits with adrenaline. His finger pulled this trigger in a frenzy, taking out three vex with one shot. Following after him was Sonia knifing a few of the time traveling bots in their heads and finishing them off with a kick to their metal bodies. Sonia's minor victory was cut short when she took a shot to her back. She let out a grunt of pain feeling it burn against her skin. She turned around and pulled the trigger, making a cyclops' head pop off. Then, it came sprinting after her. She'd forgotten one simple rule about the Vex,

Aim for the chest.

She had to take her time with her next shot. She jumped up, avoiding more fire from the enemies below, and lining up her sites with the hulking metal monster below.

Cayde was busy messing around shoving a knife in a few banshies' eyes, hearing them shut down and explode behind him. "How'er you doing punk?" He yelled over the commotion of the battlefield.

Sonia became distracted by Cayde, turning her head as she had gotten the opal white weak spot in her sites. Without a warning the cyclops swung its arm hitting her in the stomach. This caused Sonia to be flung into one of the many marble pillars in the room. She didn't get back up.

Cayde was paralyzed with fear for the first time in years. "Punk come on! Get back up!" He turned to find a few more Vex on his tail. He threw his knife. It came into contact with one of the bots heads. Then, he saw the same cyclops sprint toward him in a half minded craze.

His eyes went wide as he shook his head like he was denying the vex a one on one showdown. The lone exo headed for a better vantage point. As soon as he reached the edge of a white stone shelf in the circular room he watched as all vex eyes where on him. "Showtime." He breathed. Cayde could feel the light of the traveler at his fingertips. The same light that brought him back to life every time he fell to the enemy.

His handcanon was consumed in flames and burned his palm; he took aim at the cyclops. *BAM* shots rang out one after the other. Each bot being engulfed in fire and ash. As the air cleared he noticed the silence. It wrapped around him as he peered over the previously deafening battle ground. He fell to his knees drawing breath in deeply and letting out little laughs of disbelief. "Hey Sonia you see that?" His gut wrenched at the realization.

Her body was still motionless. She laid there in a patch of moss and lush Venus grass. Vines toppled over the edges of what was once a study hall for the solar systems best and brightest. He knelt at her side. His mechanical heart tearing itself apart inside of himself.

"Oh kid... I'm so sorry." He held her body close to him. He took off her helmet to look at her face. It was peaceful. Her long hair cascaded over his lap, he was in awe of her beauty. Every time he set his eyes on her, his chest felt like it would simply burst from the heat.

His gloved hand ran through her hair. If he didn't know better he felt as if he were sobbing in his robotic body for sadness ached and groaned in his mind. "I should've told you that I loved you a long time ago. When you first came to the tower in fact. I should've told about how I knew your people, your past, and how I felt about you. I was an idiot to think that I wouldn't lose another hunter. Not like you." Glimpses from his old life flashed over his optics like a cruel film from the golden age of civilization. "This is my curse." The thought tortured him and twisted inside like a dagger.

He lowered his forehead to hers and closed his eyes in fake bliss. If only he would've said something sooner. "Please... Come back to me." Cayde's voice weakened with the last words. He took her body and carried it over to the pale snow white statue. The woman looked as if she were praising God and surrendering herself to something bigger and better. It was an appropriate place to leave her to rest. He set her below the marble figure and stared at it for a moment. Then shifted his gaze back to her "I hope you find peace here you little punk. God knows I won't." He turned his back on her, taking her revolver with him and holding it close to his heart.


Things in the tower felt dimmer. The light from Cayde's life had faded away into memory again. He thrust himself into his work, hardly resting or paying any mind to those who were around him.

While pouring over his maps once again for the fourth time that day, dreaming of a time where he could go out and find the Kell Draksis without consequence. He glanced over to the revolver she once had with her always. It sickened him to know she was gone. Cayde forced himself to look at his map and documents again. The hunters needed their leader. Or, what their leader could offer.

He felt a soft hand caress his own. He would've missed it if he didn't see the colors of white, silver and baby blue lacing the garments.

Cayde thought he was hallucinating the entire thing. He quickly looked up to find Sonia's rosy cheeks and her warm smile. Her violet skin shining. "Sonia... How did you." She put her finger to his mouthpiece. "Little ghost told me something awfully funny. But sweet." Her ghost hovered around her like smoke, glancing from Cayde to her. "Snowball. I should've known." He grabbed the ghost and gave him a tight squeeze, making him complain to Sonia and asking her to make him stop. Sonia covered her mouth while she giggled at her vanguard. "You wanna know something ace?" She came in close, watching Cayde's optics glow a brighter blue. "I love you too."


Submitted by WhiteFangedRose for the My Heart Is A Jungle writing contest in collaboration with Fanfic.

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