Crashing Heart by @yemihikari

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The smell of burnt flight components made Keith want to throw up. He felt his thin frame lean over the controls for piloting the Galra spacecraft while his hands gripped the handles tightly in an attempt to support his body. He opened and closed his eyes in time to the throbbing pain in his head, but the grip of one hand loosened on the flight controls and reached for his pained side.

A deep breath escaped Keith's mouth. Instinctively he pushed himself out of the piolet's seat and attempted disengaging the canopy only to discover the system for doing so was damaged either in the fight or the crash. Keith's fingers slipped towards the blade he carried with him and brought the blade into the already cracked canopy. The material at first didn't break, but after a few strikes the canopy shattered and Keith could leave the spacecraft.

The humid, hot air of his jungle surroundings greeted Keith as he climbed out of his crashed aircraft. Keith felt himself start losing his balance and falling the rest of the way out of the spacecraft. One of his legs caught on the edge of the broken canopy and he felt pain shoot through his entire body as he felt a broken piece of the canopy rip through the leg of his space suit. He landed unceremoniously on the ground and instinctively stood up.

A yelp of pain escaped from Keith's lips and he found himself glancing around before letting his eyes settle on his leg. His teeth ground together upon seeing the slight gash on his leg. He also felt a slight straight in the hip area as getting his leg caught yanked at his body slightly. Keith glanced around for his dropped blade and slowly maneuvered himself over. When he picked up the blade, he maneuvered himself over to one of the local plants and cut away material so he could bind the injury.

His eyes darted up towards the sky warily in hopes a Galra enemy wasn't looking for his craft. The worst part was he couldn't remember how he came to be in the enemy aircraft in the first place. Keith let out a slight his as he tied his makeshift first aide tightly.

"At least they're safe." Thoughts of the other Voltron paladins made him swallow. "It doesn't matter what happens to me, so long as they're safe."

Keith took a deep breath and stood up. He'd not felt a part of the team since Shiro came back, but he couldn't erase what Allura said from his brain. He was like family, nothing more. He took a deep breath and started moving on his own two legs. No matter how much he told himself it didn't matter if he died so long as they were still alive, he didn't want to die. Something told him his survival depended on someone finding him rather than just his own skill alone.


Allura heard his heavy breathing but found herself taking in his familiar scent. Her eyes closed slightly. "Please stop. I don't want to dream of him of all people. It hurts too much to do so when I know."

The thought of forgetting what he looked like hurt even more and Allura opened her eyes up hoping she might see Keith's face, yet she couldn't see him at all. She instead found herself alone in the middle of a very humid jungle, but her leg, side, and head hurt. For some reason, the thought of dying alone frightened her greatly, yet she couldn't place why she felt this way or why she was, in this dream, in such a situation she thought she was dying.

"It's okay." Allura heard Keith's voice from nearby. "It's okay as long as they're okay."

Allura's eyes blinked in confusion, but she found herself unable to see Keith when she looked around again. When that failed, she looked down at her leg. She found herself taking a deep breath upon seeing what she was wearing in her dream. There was no situation she could think of where she would find herself wearing the uniform of one of the Blades of Marmora. Only Keith....

"It's not okay." She heard the slight shake in Keith's voice. "I don't want to die here. I want to see them again. Particularly Shiro..." Allura felt a slight pang knowing how close Keith was with the Black Paladin. "... and Allura. I know I'm just family to her, but..."

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