Chapter Two: Argument

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(Y/n)'s POV
I had my eyelids close. My head was pounding like crazy. The bed that i lay in felt like silk, it was soft and more unfamiliar. This weren't the bedsheets that i used to feel. Suddenly, all the memories came back to me. It made my headache worse as i groaned in pain and rolled to the side.

I could hear the gunshots ringing through my head. Simon's image began to flash through my thoughts, the screams and the cry of help was ringing around me. "Stop it, stop it, stop it!" I chant, begging my mind to cease.

I rolled once again. Thump. I fell on the floor that felt like it was matted, but it still made my crashing to be heard enough. My head began to lose control as it pound, making me feel like someone was busting out of my skull.

I rolled myself into a ball and layed there, chanting, begging for the flashbacks to stop. I heard the door slam open, loud footsteps coming towards me. I immediately opened my eyes and stood up.

I backed away immediately, going around the bed and holding onto the doorknob of the french doors behind me. I gripped onto it tight, steadying myself. My head still ached in pain and was wished to be laid down. But i was disapproving of it.

Leo only stared at me. He didn't move an inch or even grab onto me. Instead, he just grinned. "You're awake, my love." He chuckle, he took one step towards me. My palms began to sweat, i turned my head around and saw that i was close to the balcony. I turned back to Leo, already going for another step.

"Step any closer and i will jump out of this balcony!" I threatened, holding onto the doorknob to prevent my sweaty palms to slip off. "Could you?" He stepped another closer, and then another, and then another one.

He was a few more meters away from me. He was about to take another step towards me when i forced my hand to twist the doorknob open and ran outside the balcony, still lightheaded with the aching pain in my head that was calming down a bit.

The view was beautiful, it was something i would admire for an hour. But i could admire it later on, when i'm dead atleast. I turned back to look at Leo whose grin went wider, as if it was a surprise i would thank him for.

"I have nothing to lose anymore Leo, you took me away from everyone i loved. What's my purpose here anymore?" I gritted my teeth, ready to make a run for it. "You still have a purpose my dear (y/n)," Leo said, making me stop from running as i stared at him.

He snickered, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. My love, we could still have something that we always dreamt off," he began to walk towards me as i retreated back. "We still need to make a family." He blurted out, making me feel a loathe of disgust.

"You disgust me. I'd rather die." I spat at him. I turned away from him and ran to the black balcony railings, ready to jump. Before i could even jump, a hand clutched onto my (h/c) hair, gripping onto it tight and threw me back.

A few bruises was visible on my shoulder from the sudden throw. "No my dear, you disgust me." He looked down at me, not hiding any remorse. I stood up and pulled his tie, making him bent down a little as i clutched onto the sleeves of his white shirt.

I looked up at him, not hiding anything. My eyes were filled with hatred, my eyes were almost becoming one with the darkness. "If i were to have a family, you certainly wouldn't be the father." I chuckle and i smirk back at him. He took hold of both of my wrist and threw me down again.

I groan in pain. Leo bent down and caressed my cheek, "If you were to have a family with another, they would certainly won't exist." He put his hand under my chin and gripped onto it tightly, making it hurt my cheeks.

I put both of my hands and wrapped both of it around his wrist that was squeezing my chin, i began to pull him off, but his grasp was too tight. I lift my left leg up and kicked Leo at his back, making him let go.

I took the chance and stood up, the pain in my head was merely visible to me in this situation. I began to ran out of the balcony when Leo held onto my ankle and pulled me down, making me fall back down at the floor. I almost hit my forehead at the stone floor.

He began to drag me back to him, i turned my head around and he was already standing up as if my attack at his back was nothing.

I tried pulling away as i sat up, he still kept dragging me. Just before i could hold his wrist, he lift me up by my neck in one swift of a movement. He looked at me, clearly mesmerised. "You're being a little stubborn aren't you (y/n)?" He said, a smirk forminh on his lips.

"I like it." He chuckle. He tighten his grip, making me unable to breath. I began to sway my feet and arms around, trying to atleast attack him. I was almost close to blacking out when a knock on the door was heard inside the room as it creaked open.

Leo let go of me as i fell down on the floor, gasping for air as i cough. "Boss, there's someone downstairs who would like to meet with you." I heard an unfamiliar voice spoke, "About time." I could hear Leo putting his blazer on, his footsteps leaving the room.

Just as i thought that i was finally at ease, i heard a pair of footsteps coming outside the balcony to where i was. I turned around and saw a man with brown hair, eyes that was far from ordinary. It was mesmerising to look at, you could get lost in it in just one glance.

He had tanned beautiful skin, like a god of summer. He was bent down as he gave me out a hand for me to take. "Are you alright madam?" He asked. I took his hand and he helped me up, "Thanks..." I murmur and immediately let go of his hand.

The brown haired man chuckle as he looked into my pair of (e/c) eyes. "I'm Zacharian Lein madam, but you could call me Zach for short." He smiled at me, he had freckles on his face that allure his looks. "Name's (y/n)..." I said, "(y/n)---?" He lift his brow as he wait for me to answer.

"Ainsley. (Y/n) Ainsley." I wandered my eyes somewhere else, "Oh, i didn't know that the boss--" i looked back at him, "So you work for him?" I crossed my arms and looked up and down at him.

He nod his head with his small smile still present on his alluring face. "Yes madam, and i work for you too now since i know you're boss Leo's wife." He bowed his head and looked back up at me. He looked away from my eyes and looked at my shoulder where the bruise were located at.

He was about to touch it when i stepped back. I covered the bruise with my hand, he redraw back his hand and looked back up at me. "I can treat it myself. You should go--" i was cut off by a loud gunshot from what may came from downstairs.

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