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If rage had a color, it wouldn't be ruby red.

It'll be dark. Soulless dark abyss gaze painting in fury like the one Lex was holding now. And not even Sin's bobbing head far away from Keira could consume it. Though she could try to notch it down a few bits or risk explode it in a middle of dark creatures. Before she could decide to listen to the former idea, he spoke up.

"You had control tonight." He sounded impressed but anyone could hear the lack of real emotion in those words. "Though if you want, I can call my shadows-"

"I'm not hungry anymore. You...You don't have to worry about it."

"Why?" He demanded, eyes sharp like a panther. "You know he was a vampire. What if he asked for your blood next? Would you have given him that?"

Startled at his sudden question, she looked around them again. The few humans that danced beside them seemed to know why they were there, to be used as a feeding source. True to his words, the majority of the people in the club were vampires and if Sin asked-

"He wouldn't have asked." She concluded, remembering the easy-going way that vampire explained everything. Sin was by far the best man after she met Dalton. Both of them had a way to make her comfortable. If she wanted to venture farther, she'd say maybe she even trusted them.

Lex, however, had no problem to take her words the wrong way. His eyes flashed in that same rage and then he was wrapping her arms in his to steer her farther from the crowd. Was he going to let her feed on him? The thought of that...she felt her face got red before she could hide it from anyone.

"Where are we going?"

"To show you who your dear friend Sin really is." His voice dropped low as she felt color fade away from her face. Now, what was that supposed to mean? Before she could really ask again, she saw the mortifying scene playing just a few steps away from her. 

Sin had someone trapped by wrapping his fingers around their throat. Not only that the petite woman was whimpering as he kept biting on her neck, but she was also trying to fight the man twice her size. Keira could only stare at the scene horrified before, she heard a loud hiss and a snap. 

The head rolled over.

Someone clapped.

Tears prickled in Keira's eyes as she noticed the other woman emerging from the shadows for the first time. It was the same woman who Lex fed on earlier. Her ruby lips stretched into a naughty smile seeing the woman dead on her feet.

"Are you satisfied, Sire?" Sin asked with no emotion in his voice. Keira almost trembled, almost. If she was a human, both of them could hear her heartbeat rising over the music.

The woman let out a laugh before kissing Sin's cheek. "You did excellent, pet. You'll get your reward, come on."

As they both turned for leaving, Keira whipped around until she was glaring at Lex. Her hands shook, the smell of blood and flesh still on her nose she couldn't stop the shriek. Even that came out as a chocked whisper.

"What is wrong with you!?"

Before Lex could answer, she raised her hands motioning for him to keep quiet. "Don't answer. God, what...what did you let me see? Why can't I just help her-I just stared? I stared as he killed-"

He scoffed. "She wasn't the first one, little soul. Lady Maria uses her sireline to help get rid of problems. That woman was a hunter and should have known better than to enter a club full of vampires. What did she even expect?"

"That doesn't excuse it." She couldn't understand how he sounded so mundane as if he cared less. "What if-What if I ever have to enter a room full of people like my mother to hurt them? Do you think that'll be foolish? Tell me Darkness, would you want me dead too-"

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