Chapter 13 - Gifted

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The sound of Dart's alarm wakes them the next morning, still entangled they smile and snuggle up for a few more minutes. "Morning gorgeous. This is my favorite part of the day, waking up with you." Jo mumbles a bit, not fully awake yet, her voice sounds soft and hoarse when she says: "My favorite part is falling asleep in your arms." Darts smiles and whispers: "Perfect fit then." He kisses her nose and gets out of bed to shower, Jo sneaking in with him only a minute later. Dart washes her hair, massaging her head and Jo washes his back. They dry off together and Jo braids her hair, while Dart shaves. He gets dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, not bothering much, because he won't be wearing his own clothes for long. Jo gets a blue dress out of her suitcase and blue lace underwear to go with it, she puts it all on and then asks Dart to help her zip up. He kisses her shoulder and helps her out, his eyes going a bit darker as he catches a glimpse of her lingerie. She finishes the outfit off with blue ballet pumps. Dart whistles at her and says: "They are going to think you are the model. I don't stand a chance today. Not that I ever do with you around." He laughs and holds his hand out to her. They walk out of the room together, Dart looking all proud. There's a taxi waiting for them to take them to the location of the shoot.

They reach the building and Jo recognizes it, Dart stiffens up and walks into the door fast. Jo squeezes his hand and he looks at her with a grateful look in his eyes. They are welcomed by a man who must be the designer. He shakes Dart's hand with a lot of energy and then turns his gaze to Jo. "This must be her, no? Lovely hair and the figure of a real woman, very nice. And you obviously love her. Exactly what we were hoping for." Jo blushes slightly, but smiles at the happy go lucky nature of the man. "Oh sorry, I am being rude. I am Tom Tailor and I am very happy you are here." He holds out his hand to Jo and she shakes it: "I am Jo. I am happy to be here too." Dart laughs softly at the situation. "Okay Jo, I will send your man off to get pretty and I will take you to the rooftop to find a perfect spot for you watch it all and to introduce you to the photographer."

Dart looks at her to see if she is okay and she leans in for a small kiss, to show him she's fine. He smiles at her and walks away to get ready. Jo follows the designer, a bit shy without Dart. They walk up to the roof and Jo looks at the set up with growing curiosity. A man walks up to her, with a camera around his neck, looking at her from head to toe. Jo feels a bit uncomfortable, but the man notices. "Sorry, it's a second nature to look at people like that. But I realize it is rather rude, when we haven't met before." He holds his hand out to her and introduces himself. "I'm Dirk, I'm the photographer and I will direct the commercials." Jo hears his name and introduces herself: "I'm Jo. Are you Dutch?" Dirk looks shocked for a second and then speaks: "Ja. Mijn moeder is Nederlandse." Jo smiles as he tells her his mother is Dutch. She tells him that she hasn't spoken Dutch for a while and that it's nice to meet a fellow Dutchie. "My Dutch is not very good. But my mother is going to love it when I tell her I met a pretty Dutch lady on a roof." They talk about Dutch food and holidays and then Dirk stares at her and squints his eyes. "Wait a minute! You are Darts' girl, aren't you?" Jo nods and smiles. "So I am getting you in front of the camera at some point. Nice. I look forward to it." Jo thinks for a second and then goes for it, before Dart shows up. "Maybe you can help me out with a gift for Dart. It's going to be his birthday soon and I want to give him something personal. But I am not very confident and I need a friendly photographer to help me. Dirk smiles and says: "Oh leave it to me Jo. I can hook you up. I will figure out when we will have time to do something without him walking in on it." He points at the other side of the roof and Dart walks up, dressed in a tight fitted suit.

Jo smiles and stares at Dart with fiery eyes. Dart catches her looking at him and winks at her. She fans herself, before placing a hand on her chest. He smiles and strikes the first pose. Dirk moves in closer, taking a few pictures and checking them on his camera. He gives Dart some pointers and he follows them perfectly. "Now stare in the distance thinking of Jo and how much you miss her." Jo stares at Dart and sees the pain in his eyes from where she is sitting. He is so impressive. "Now take off the jacket and pretend to look at a picture of Jo on your phone." Darts takes his own phone out his pocket and looks at it with so much love, that Jo feels warm inside. "Awesome Dart! If you keep this up, it will be hard to pick the best shots." Dirk walks towards a table with a laptop to load the pictures onto it and tells Dart to get changed into the next suit. He waves Jo over to come and look at the pictures with him. Jo stares at them with her mouth open. "Yeah, you have gotten yourself a very handsome man." Jo whispers: "Yeah." Insecurity washes over her and she rubs her arms. Dirk, very skilled at reading people, opens a picture on the screen and points it out to her. "Look at that face. It's the face of a man in love." Jo looks at the picture and sees Dart staring at his phone and on the screen of the phone is vaguely visible what he is looking at. It's the picture of her sleeping on his couch. Her insecurity quickly disappears, with Dart's love showing so clearly. She thanks Dirk and walks back to her spot, to watch Dart pose in a new suit.

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