My Soul on Trial - Chptr 1-4

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Chapter 1

When I died, I saw the bright light. The light was so warm and inviting, when I crossed from this world to the next, I had expected to pass the pearly gates and be met by my Maker with welcoming arms. However, to my surprise I saw both God and the Devil there waiting for me and had a mixed array of feelings. I was surprise to see both God and the Devil here waiting for me and just the bewilderment of it - why are they both here? Then fear started to sink in, fear that I came here by mistake and the Devil was here to take me where I should go. Thinking of my past, I knew my chances of staying here in paradise were slim- as I was not a perfect man. Then there was that small glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, God wanted me here. So I just stood there with jaw open and apprehension, standing before both God and Satan waiting for them to decide my eternal fate.

In a loud, forceful but also in a loving way, I heard God say, "Eric, please come forward."

As I walked forward, I could see Lucifer standing there next to God, with an evil grin, looking as if he already knew what the final decision would be. As I walked forward reluctantly, I replied, "Yyyeess, Llloordd".

"Lucifer is stating that he has rights to your soul, that you do not belong here with me," God said to me, and then looked at Lucifer with distain.

I looked down unable to look at my Maker; of course I don't belong here. God knows all, and He knows the life I had lived on earth. To my amazement, I heard the Lord's voice say, "However, I do not agree with his claim." My head quickly shot up, and looked at God and then to Lucifer; maybe I do have a chance to stay here.

"My Lord, may I be so honest, this man did not live his life as you would have wanted him too," then Lucifer looked at me, "And you Eric, why would you be that man? Why would you want to follow a God who would allow the trials you endured on earth? I have a place reserved for those like you- who turned their back on an unloving God."

"I I I dddoonn't understand, what do you mean?" I stuttered to Lucifer.

"You endured a lot of trials and tribulations on earth, and if God loved you- he would have kept you from those trials" Lucifer said.

Just then, I was transported to another time and another place with both God and Satan in control of the events that unfolded before me.

Chapter 2

It was almost like Scrooge being visited by the three spirits Christmas Eve - I was able to watch the events play out, but we were just ghosts - unable to be seen or heard by those in my past.

I was first transported to the day my parents found out they were pregnant with me. I saw my mother with tears streaming down her face walking towards my dad's place of work.  When my dad saw her, he had a look of apprehension and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I'm pregnant," my mother exclaimed.

They talked about how hard it would be to care for another baby, as they just had my sister Samantha just a couple months ago. The devil, with a smirk on his face, with a wave of his hand transported us, and we were now sitting in a doctor's office and my mother was sitting there.

"Mary, I have to be honest, I have some concerns in regards to this pregnancy. I believe that the contraception you were using to prevent this pregnancy will have an adverse affect on the fetus, and I think the best thing is to terminate it." I was astonished to hear the doctor tell my mother to kill me.

"I cannot do that, Doctor. I do not believe in abortion. Even though, this baby was not planned, I cannot terminate his or her life", my mother replied.

I was shown this discussion several more times as my mother visited the doctor for her routine care. Then Satan turned to me and said, "See, you were not wanted. Your parents worried about finances and the Doctor told your mother that it would be best to terminate you. If God loved you, he would have convinced your mother to terminate your life in her pregnancy."

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