Chapter One: Le Arrival

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The plane landed in front of a huge manor. The mansion was at the top of the hill, making it hard to get down fast. The manor had a little staircase to go up and meet the gigantic oak wood doors. It was imprinted with beautiful patterns.

There was a gate, a gate that was all around the manor, protecting the property. It had deadly spikes on it at the tip of the gate bars, making it look challenging to whomever dares to break in. The bar's of the gate was spaced so thin, no one can fit in it. Only a little animal can.

The gate was guarded with men, some were roaming around, some were standing still as they scan through the area.

In front of the manor was a fountain, it had three angel statues at the very tip of the fountain. The three angel's held three vases for each of them to handle. The angel's vases was flowing down with water to the pond of the fountain. They were watching.

Leo got out, carrying (y/n)'s sleeping form on his bare hands. A bodyguard got out from the private plane following suit. He had dark-brown hair, tanned skin and a pair of dark blue eyes that were rather mesmerizing to look at.

He wore a black t-shirt that was covered with a black denim jacket, it was halfway zipped up. He wore black pants, pairing his shoes that was also black. He wore the same attire like most of the men inside the manor.

Except, they were all wearing a black blazer instead of a denim jacket, and a black tie. The men were tense looking. They all wore black shades to cover their eyes, they also wore a black speaker in their ear.

"Boss, i'll handle the gir--" the brown haired man cut himself off when Leo gave him a glare. "Shut it. I won't, and wouldn't let you lay a hand on her. Or else, i'll kill you like the last one who fucked up." Leo said, his tone was giving a warning and the man knew. He gulped as he nod his head, "Yes, boss." He murmured.

The gate opened, all the men stared at Leo and his wife in hand through their black shades that didn't show any sign of their eyes as they pierce right through him. Leo went up the steps, while the brown haired man followed along behind him.

The dark oak doors automatically opened by the two bodyguards that was at the side of the door. Inside was beautiful. In front was a huge staircase, like one of the scenes were princesses goes down from to dance with their prince. At the ceiling was a huge golden chandelier full of light bulbs. The chandelier had dangling diamonds and other crystals in them that made the lights twinkle.

At the two corner of the huge spacious room was two rooms. The left one leads to either the living room at the right and the library at the left. The right one where two other rooms was seen was the kitchen at the left and the dining area at the right.

Leo went upstairs. He stopped in front of a thick wooden door. He turned to the brown haired man and spoke, "Leave. I want to be alone with (y/n)." The brown haired man immediately nod and went away, leaving Leo and (y/n).

Leo went forward and reached for the doorknob and twist it open. Inside the room was a king size bed that had navy blue spreadsheet and white pillows. Above the king size bed was a huge painting that was hanging above the bed. The painting was Leo and (y/n), (y/n) was sitting down in a wooden stool chair and Leo standing up, his hand on her shoulder.

But there was something unusual with that painting. (Y/n) held a baby in her hands, its face cannot be seen by the cloth that was hiding the baby's face. The painting was also signed, it was signed by the artist, which was Leo. Above the king size bed was another chandelier, it was silver and had the same designs on it like downstairs.

At the left corner of the bedroom was a light-grayish yellowish brown colored desk. On top of it was a gray lampshade, and a leather book that was filled with unknown sources. At the front of the room was a black french door that leads to the balcony. Outside the balcony was a white sofa and a cube glass table.

The view outside was the buildings and most of all, the iconic Eiffel Tower that would caught anyone's eyes. Leo laid (y/n) down on the bed, looking at her as he brush his hand on her (s/c) cheeks, making her tilt her head to the side.

He looked away and went to the beige desk, taking the leather book with his hands. A photo suddenly slip out as it fell on the ground. He sigh and beny down as he picked up the picture of (y/n) laughing. He smiled at her beauty, losing a little bit of tracks as he got trapped in her beauty once again.

Just then, he slipped it back inside the leather book and slid a drawer open as he put the leather book inside it and closed the drawer ever so gently, not letting (y/n) wake up from his disturbance. He walked back to (y/n)'s sleeping form at the bed and sat beside her.

"Je t'aime, (y/n)."

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