Chapter 19

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"Cammyyy..." Benji sang, knocking on the doorframe to her room. The door was cracked open a bit, Benji could see a bit of her silhouette from there. Her head darted to the door as she muttered a small 'come in'. She had her head tucked into a book, which didn't seem a lot like her. Camilla's nose looked red, and the bags under her eyes seemed deepened. 

"Hey-" She sputtered just before going into a ten-second long coughing fit. It was excruciating to watch. 

"You alright?" Benji asked, stepping closer to the cleanly made white bed she sat on. Camilla shook her head as she rubbed her nose. Setting the book asside, she looked Benji up and down, noticing the two small packages in his hand. 

"I'm alright, just a small cold... whats that?" She eyed the paper bags questioningly, her mind going in all sorts of directions. 

"It's nothing... I just wanted to apologize for earlier-"

"Why are you apologizing? I was being a bitch about it." She shrugged it off, not phased by it in the slightest. Benji snorted and walked over to sit on the bed by her, the mattress sinking in as he layered his weight down. The silk covers felt amazing, he was even tempted to lay back, but something held him in a seated position.

"Too late, I got this for you, I figured you'd enjoy it." He grinned while handing it over, gifting others things had always been his favorite thing to do. She took the paper bag, eyeing Benji with an eyebrow raised. Camilla looked in the package as if there was an explosive hidden in it, but gleamed at what she saw. She slid the bracelet on her hand, moving her arm around to show it off. 

"Oh, it's beautiful, Benji." The natural light hit the diamonds in a beautiful manner, making her wrist gleam with excitement. "Now what's the other package for?" Her eyes traveled to Benji's hand that held the other bag protectively. 

"Don't get your hopes up, it's not for you." He joked, making the fine line on her lips curl up. "It was actually what I wanted to talk to you about... I saw another bracelet in the display and I thought of him-" He pulled the gold band out of the bag carefully, holding it with such care you might think it was worth billions. Although, to Benji, it was. 

"Oh my god... Benjiiii..." Camilla groaned, but when she saw the bracelet, she cooed. "Awww... Benjiii... even though I don't know who he is really, I know that he'll love it." Benji's face flushed pink, being quite bashful of the entire situation. 

"You really think so?" He held the gold bracelet in between them, both of their eyes fixated on it. she brought her hands under Benji's that held the bracelet up. 

"If he feels for you like you say he does, he'll love the bracelet as much as he does you." 


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