Chapter 4

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I think Mitsuki was tailing me in school today.

Those lackeys constantly loomed near, but never did end up being able to do anything, especially with that frightening event of Mitsuki's inhumanely sharp reflexes, and Mitsuki himself always somewhere in sight.

The student council president looked positively pissed as she stormed out of school today, the glare she sent everyone as if she would mutilate and murder anyone who dared talk to her.

Her lackeys could do nothing but trail behind her in a sorry state.

After buying a dorayaki from a nearby stall, I rushed off to the alley that Mitsuki had brought me to. Mitsuki wasn't here yet.

Beginning to devour the dorayaki, I went to the dead end that we had passed through just the other day, now a solid concrete wall, cracked and chipped on many areas, too high for anyone to scale. Green slime and small fungi had begun to grow along the cracks, and somehow, flowers and plants had managed their way through these tough conditions to blossom. I placed a hand against it, and it was simply cold, hard, and definitely impossible to go through.

"You can't go through there when I haven't deactivated the spell yet, [Y/N]."

So that's how it worked.

Mitsuki walked up calmly, ears finally straightening themselves from his hair, and a tailbone unfolding itself, the fur growing over the bare bones, before puffing up to form the extremely fluffy and voluminous tail.

He placed a hand against the wall, and pushed his hand through, even though it still looked super solid. Now, I placed my hand against it- to feel just thin air. There was nothing to rest my hand on. It slipped through and back out with no problem.

"What are you waiting for?"

"I'm not going to be able to land down there safely..."


He grabbed my arms and flung me in, jumping in after me.

I think I was screaming like a madman, because I definitely heard some sort of a scream echo around the tunnel.

"Hey, shh. I'll help you, alright?"

I nodded, taking a deep breath, and then slowly calming myself down.

And once more, I stopped a literally inch away from the grass, getting up on my own now.

"Glad to see you're getting used to it."

"I suppose."

And another voice cut in.

"If she's still screaming her vocal chords out like that, she's not getting used to it, Mitsuki."

It was Mahiro. He was out in the garden, holding a few sheets of paper, a young maiden behind him, holding a tray. On it, there were several light snacks, and some hot tea. The way the maiden was looking at Mahiro, it was as if you could feel her infatuation over the raven-haired fox.

"Sorry about that."

"I thought you usually practiced singing in your quarters? It's rare that you come out here to practice. "

Mahiro gave a grimace as at that moment two new guys dashed out of the palace.

"Ah," Mitsuki started.
"The juniors are here."

And instantly I recognised Hayato and Subaru, of Codomo Dragon and Royz.

Hayato had raccoon ears and tail, but a blonde colour. Subaru had a silver tail and snow white cat's ears.

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