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Hey everyone sorry its taking so long to update but heres chapter 8 :)\------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/I watched the road beneath the car zoom away. Just like the time. The more and more I tried to choose between Ethan or Brian the harder it became. I look up from Brians shoulder. His eyes were trained on the windsheild. Those beautiful green eyes. his brown hair in perfect formation over his left eye. I loved him.

My eyes refocused on Ethan. His knuckles white on the steering wheel. his purple eyes focused on the road. He would be my ideal boyfriend. Sweet and strong. i loved him. Lost in my thoughts i didn't realize we were already at coopers.

The house was small on the very outskirts of town its modest. It has a small chimmney making everything so cottage like. The lawn is a soft green color with an iron gate around it. Brian nudges my head off his shoulder softly. I pick up my head and look at him. His green eyes soft and caring as he smiles the slightest bit. I smile back. I Hear Alyss saying something to me but i cant get my eyes off Brians eyes.

"Haley?" Alyss says "Were you even listening?"

I shook my head slowly and look up at her. "Oh. no sorry i was wrapped up in thought."

"Yeah.." she said her eyes unemtional I take a deep breath as Ethan looks back.

"Haley come one you, Brian and I will go."I nod and get out of the car. Ethans eyes flash when I feel Brians hand catch mine. I help him out of the car and we walk down the sidewalk to the front door. Ethan knocks.The door opens and standing there is a girl about a year older than me. Her eyes silver. Her nose is small and coated with oil. Her skin a deep tan. Her hair a dark dark black the color of coal. She looked egyptian.

"Brian." She says her voice a bit husky but sweet."long time no see."

He blushes and nods slightly. "What do you want?" She askes ethan her patience on edge i could tell.

"I need your help with a project." He says simply his purple eyes unemotional

"Oh." she smiles and looks at Brian. "Did he get in a little trouble? Do you need me to fix the new mistakes he's made?"

I see him flinch. I scoot close to him. "Who's the girl?"

"Haley." Ethan says "Thats What we need help with. The vypers are back. They've taken her father and possibly brother. We need you to help with making a jet."Her cold eyes trianed on me.

"Okay under one condition."

"Yes?" i asked my heart beating faster her eyes smiling

"I get Brian back." She says "He has to be with me again.

"He looks up from the ground his eye brows furled. My stomach dropped and i was suddenly jealous. He looks at her for a long time. My eyes were wide. Ethans were filled with shame.Brian gulps and nods slowly. I look at Cooper. Her eyes look in mine and a horible grin forms on her smug little beautiful face.

NO! NO! NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! my mind screamed but i just smiled back. Ethan says breaking the silence.

"Lets get going then."I nod. To my horror Cooper looks straight at me and hugs Brian and kisses his cheek. He blushes. I look away my jaw tense. Ethan grabs my hand and we all walk to the car. Cooper and Brians arms linked. I Want to rip Coopers lovely little eyes out. We load back up I sit up front since eveyone else is in back. Ethan looks...smug. I frown and look out the window.

"now to Marks house." Isabella says

"No i think we should stay here tonight it's gettign late." Ethan says"Yeah." Alyss and Asha agree

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