she liked the color red
because it illuminated the
passion flowing out of her.
its brightness inspired her
and it showed her of her best qualities;
like her unending love;
and her aggressive passion;
and the energy coursing through her veins.

but one day she met a boy who liked the color blue..
a color she's always hated
a color too different from her own
a color that she just could not enjoy.
she was perfectly content with being
the center in a party
while he would hide in the shadows .

her favorite color was red
and his was blue
but she never liked that color..
it reminded her of sadness
and things too cold
and conservative .

but one day she realized
that he also reminded her of red;
his deep love
brightened her days
and left her laughing
throughout the night.
and she realized that maybe,
just maybe,
blue wasn't that bad.
she slowly grew to realize that she,
the eye-catching red,
and he, the forever blue,
were not bad together
and when they mixed,
they would create the beautiful

the colors red and blue
started to mix together and
blue now reminded her of
cotton candy,
the ocean,
and the prettiest type of flowers.

and in time,
as she grew to love him,
the color blue slowly became
just as beautiful
as red.


— 081519

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