Chapter Two

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Eijirou looked at his friend with concern as he ran off. It was out of character for him to run off like that, sure he lost his temper a lot but Katsuki would usually yell at them when angry. He never ran off.

As the rest of the table continued to murmur about what upset him, one idea came up the Eijirou could not allow himself to accept.

"Maybe Bakugou is Transphobic."

Immediately he went to defend his friend.

"No way! Bakubro couldn't possibly be transphobic! He's not like that!" He quickly exclaimed. No way could bakugou be transphobic, he wasn't the kind of person to judge people based on their gender or sexuality! Right?

Then again, he did bully Izuku a lot because he was supposedly quirkless, and it's not like the poor guy could help the fact his quirk developed late.

There was evidence that was shown he was an asshole to people that couldn't control things, and now that he thinks about it, anytime someone mentions something to do with trans people or a similar topic, hell whenever people start discussing gender in anyway he gets up all upset and rushes off.

All the evidence pointed towards him being transphobic.

Eijirou was starting to believe that he was as well.

No way could he let his friend be transphobic. He'd just have to prove Katsuki wrong, that trans people were valid and amazing and that they weren't bad. That way they could still be friends and he wouldn't have to ruin the friendship he'd built because Katsuki couldn't respect other people.

Being Transphobic wasn't at all manly after all.

Eijirou spent the rest of their lunch break silent, planning some different ways to show Katuki how transgender people were just as cool as cis people.

With the plan created within his mind he quickly tried his best to explain it to the rest of the group of friends.

They nod along as he explains his plan and agree to do their part, mission 'Make Bakubro understand Trans people are Manly too' is a go!

The bell signalling that their lunch break had ended went off everywhere throughout the school so quickly they got up and made their way back to the classroom, everyone else, including Katsuki was there and ready to begin their english lesson with Present Mic.

They had a new seating plan which involved basically the entirety of the squad in the seats around Katsuki, with eijirou on his right, denki on his left, mina in front, sero behind and shinsou behind denki and on the left of sero. To say Katsuki wasn't initially happy with the new seating plan was an understatement.

Katsuki was extremely grumpy about the seating plan originally, though he did work up to it and was grateful that at least he wasn't near shitty deku again.

Eijirou sat down when Present Mic walked in, as did the rest of the class and soon enough the entire class was underway.

The first half of the class was silent, everyone quickly taking notes and paying attention but about halfway through Present Mic got called out because of an emergency or something of the sort. Once he'd left the classroom everyone started chatting as they didn't really have anything to do for the rest of that period.

Eijirou turned to Katsuki with a giant grin as he pulled his phone out of his bag.

He quickly opened up an instagram profile of a random guy and showed it to him.

"Hey Bakubro! Look at how cool and manly this guy is!" He exclaimed as Katsuki quickly glance over the phone and nodded.

He did have to agree, the guys profile made him look pretty cool. He had a bunch of photos and videos of him riding a motorbike, and he wasn't half bad looking, which was a lot coming from Katsuki.

"Yeah alright, he looks pretty cool," He muttered which caused Eijirou's eyes to light up.

"I know! You wouldn't even be able to tell he is trans without someone telling you!" Eijirou said with a cheer which immediately cause Katsuki to look down and away from the phone.

"You know being trans is hella manly bro, i have respect for those people. To be able to change your appearance to match you really are takes guts and-"

"Shut up."

Katsuki quickly got out and stormed off again, afraid if he stayed he'd either explode or burst into tears and he most definitely didn't want the latter to happen.

Had Eijirou discovered out he was trans and trying to act really cool about it so that he'd come out to him? How many other people had Eijirou told? Does everyone know?

He could feel his heart racing, his palms sweating and starting to spark up. This wasn't good. He needed to find somewhere quiet to calm down or else he was going to have a panic attack.

He used a wall to hold himself up as his breathing became fast and sharp and his vision started to blur.

He quickly realised he was hyperventilating and tried to calm himself down but that didn't work and black spots started appearing in his vision.

The last thing he remembers before everything went dark was a blurry figure running towards him.


When Katsuki came to he had to quickly shield his eyes from the bright light that was shining in his face. Once his eyes had adjusted to the light he looked around and quickly realised his was in recovery girls office.

"Why the hell am I here?" he growled out lowly which caused recovery girl to turn and face him.

"Oh! You're awake!" She said with her normal smile, completely ignoring his question.

Katsuki repeated his question again, causing recovery girl to sigh.

"You know why you're here boy. Don't act stupid, we both know you aren't. You're lucky Todoroki found you as you fell and managed to break your fall! That would've left a nasty bump on your head if he hadn't!" She said, filling in to Katsuki that Shoto was the blurry figure he saw running towards him.

He was about to speak up when Recovery Girl cut him off again. "What you're doing is dangerous my boy. Those layers will constrict your breathing, which probably didn't help you during that panic attack of yours. You should have told me about your 'condition'. I need to know these things so I can help."

He just nodded at what she said. He knew he shouldn't be doing what he was doing but he had no other option.

Katsuki mumbled a thank you to Recovery Girl for her help before he made his way to his dorm room, Recovery Girl had basically forbade him from back to class for the rest of the day. Told him he needed to take his chest out his makeshift binder and give it a break. She said if he desperately wanted to go back to class, he'd just have to go with a regular bra but he was NOT going to do that. So he'd just have to hang out in his dorm studying for the rest of the day.

He had changed into just a singlet and sweatpants, no bra or binder, after all he wasn't allowed to wear his 'binder' and he swore bra's were literally made too torture people and no other reason.

He spent the next couple hours lounging around his room with no intent of leaving for the rest of the night.

In fact his afternoon was going surprisingly well and peaceful with no more incidents since his panic attack. Well, that was until he heard a knock at his dorm room door.

"Hey Bakugou! Are you in there? I heard from Todoroki that you were sick so I brought you some soup to make you feel better!"

All Katsuki could think at that exact moment was 'Fuck'.

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