Chapter 1

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In an alleyway we see a short and very skinny teenage boy wearing old, torn up clothes.

In an alleyway we see a short and very skinny teenage boy wearing old, torn up clothes

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He began to walk down the alleyway as he held his growling stomach.

Y/N: *Thoughts* I'm so hungry.

As he reached the end of the alleyway, he looked around the corner to see a man selling loaves of bread and a stand.

Y/N: *Thoughts* I shouldn't do this.

His stomach then growled louder and he sighed.

He walked out of the alleyway and slowly began to make his way to the stand, making sure to stay out of the man's sight.

When he was close enough he quickly grabbed onto a loaf and immediately ran away.

The stand owner looked and saw him running away with a loaf.

Stand owner: HEY! GET BACK HERE!

A few of guards that were nearby looked over to him and he pointed to Y/N who was still running away.

Stand owner: THEIF!

They understood and began to chase after him.

Y/N looked back to that they were quickly gaining up on him, making him panic.

Y/N: No. please no.

He started running with everything he had, but it wasn't enough as they still kept getting closer.

Y/N then started running through crowds of people, easily slipping past them thanks to how skinny he was and temporarily slowing the guards down.

When Y/N was out of their view, he ran into an alleyway, but crashed into a someone, making fall down.

???: Hey, you all right?

He looked up to see a tall woman with short, blonde hair.

Before he could answer he heard the guards coming closer.

Guard: I think he went this way!

Y/N quickly got up and hid in a nearby barrel just before the guards came running into the alleyway.

The guards then ran up to the woman.

Guard: Have you seen a boy with bread run this way?

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