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Peter's pov:

Tony and Steve seem absolutely pissed. I don't even understand why it's such a big deal though. They literally just took me in from the streets so why is it so weird for me to be roaming the streets all of a sudden. I mean I'm 16. I can take care of myself. Yeah maybe I should of told them where I was going but still it's not worth getting this mad.

Tony seems both disappointed and angry while Steve just looks angry. It's probably because I bailed on Tony's birthday surprise we worked so hard on. I guess I kinda did screw up. I completely ruined Tony's birthday now. I feel bad now but I don't know how I can make it up to him.

" peter go to your room we'll be up to talk to you in a moment," Mr. Stark sternly informs me. I really pissed them off. I decide not to argue because that will obviously get me no where.


Soon enough I heard footsteps heading towards my room. My anxiety started to take over as I saw the door slowly open.

I watch as Steve takes a seat on my bed while Tony brings a chair over to sit in front of me.

" let's just start off by asking why did you leave the restaurant in the first place?" Steve curiously asks. I didn't have time to think of an excuse so maybe I'll just twist the truth up a little.

" well a few days ago I met some guy and I saw him again today pass by the restaurant and yeah," I simply answer.

" what do you mean some guy?" Tony asks full of both confusion and curiosity.

"I don't know his name yet but..." I truthfully answer before getting cut off.

" you don't even know his name? For all we know you could be talking to some serial killer," Tony exaggerates. Maybe I should of just made up some excuse because this doesn't seem to be working much better.

" he wouldn't tell me his name but he's harmless I promise," I assure them which didn't seem to convince either of them.

" he refused to tell you his name? You know your only proving our points here kid," Tony informs me. I guess I am just digging myself deeper. How am I supposed to get out of this now?

I sigh in defeat before looking up to see there disappointed looks. I should of just told them that I saw Aunt May or something. Now I got them thinking I've been talking to some strange guy.

" how'd you even meet him?" Steve asks this time. Well now I really have to think of an excuse fast because there's no way I'm telling them I almost got shot before this mystery guy saved me.

" he's a friend of my aunts," I quickly say in almost a question like way.

" but you said you just met him so how would you know he's a friend of your aunts?" Tony questions suspiciously.

" uhh what I meant to say it's the first time I got to really talk to him," I quickly recover. I hope they believe me because I don't even know if I would believe myself.

" how olds this guy anyway?" Steve asks. I honestly have no idea how old he is. I've only seen him with the mask on. I can't really tell with his voice either. I just know he's got to be older than me.

" I don't know," I answer truthfully.

" alright well let's get back to why we came up here in the first place," Steve announces before continuing with " peter you left without telling us and on your fathers birthday to go chase down some stranger. Like it or not your only 16 which means you still live under our rules until your old enough to be on your own."

" I was perfectly fine with just living on the streets," I quickly argue. I guess I'm really messing this up for myself. There already mad and now I'm just adding to it.

Steve and Tony luckily decided to ignore my comment and continue with " so we decided that you aren't allowed to leave the building until we find that we can trust you again."

" that's not fair," I whine. I know I may sound childish but I need to be able to go on patrol.

" it's completely fair just prove to us that we can trust you again," Tony informs. It's kinda sad to know that they don't really trust me anymore. It's not like they would of let me go if I told them the truth anyway. I don't know how much longer I can keep this secret.

" and this guy I don't want you seeing him again until one of us meet him because I don't know if I really believe your little story or not," Tony says sternly. I really did lose their trust.

I nod my head compliantly before Tony says " goodnight kid," then Steve and him both exit my room.

" and don't even think about sneaking out I got cameras everywhere," Tony warns me before closing my door. This is the worst night ever. I completely broke there trust. They've done everything they could for me and I go and ruin it all. I wouldn't be surprised if they sent me away to some foster home. I completely ruined Tony's birthday.

I don't even really see much anger from them but yet disappointment. They probably thought we were getting somewhere and finally becoming a family. I thought we were too but now we're back to where we started.

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